Ameriprise Insurance Review: My Experience Using Ameriprise

Ameriprise Insurance Review My Experience Using Ameriprise
Ameriprise Insurance Review: My Experience Using Ameriprise.

With numerous great insurance companies on the market today, one among the most important decisions when it involves protecting your property is which company you ought to accompany . Picking the proper fit you’ll be the foremost difficult a part of the entire process, but your checking account will appreciate your diligence within the end!

One insurance provider that tons of individuals don’t immediately consider is Ameriprise. But why not? They claim that their low-cost insurance options could prevent up to $565.78 a year on your policy. But are they right for everyone?

Here is my in-depth review of what Ameriprise has got to offer.

What is Ameriprise auto insurance?
Since Ameriprise doesn’t use tons of their budget on marketing, they’re less documented within the insurance realm. But, simply because they don’t do tons of advertising, doesn’t mean they don’t have some great products to offer!

Their auto insurance ranks together of the foremost highly rated within the country by A.M. Best. Ameriprise is notorious for giving really great rates to drivers who continually have good driving records and are willing to bundle, when possible. they’re great for the budget-conscious, by way of offering a number of rock bottom rates on the market with a number of the simplest coverage.

How does Ameriprise auto insurance work?
Getting a quote for Ameriprise is one among the simplest processes on the market today. On every page of their website, you’ll find a blue box, which you’ll click to start out the quote process.

Ameriprise Insurance Review: My Experience Using Ameriprise – Start your quote
To start the ball rolling, all you’ve got to try to to is enter your postcode and which product you’re trying to find .

Ameriprise Insurance Review: My Experience Using Ameriprise – Policyholder details
Then you’ll be taken to a page to start entering your policyholder details. These details include:

Your name.
Date of birth.
The date you began residing at your current address.
Once you’ve got entered all of that information, hit continue and you’ll be taken to a page to verify that you simply typed your address correctly. If the knowledge you input is correct, hit still move forward.

It will take a moment to line up your profile, but once it’s done, you’ll see a page asking you to pick your vehicles from the vehicles that are registered to your address. i actually like this because I didn’t need to type altogether of my vehicle information, which saved me time!

Ameriprise Insurance Review: My Experience Using Ameriprise – Select your vehicles
Next, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be asked to pick a touch more in-depth information about the vehicle(s) you’re seeking coverage for. you’re only given a couple of options to vary , if you would like , during this section, so it’s pretty painless.

Underneath that section, is where you get to submit some more information for potential vehicle discounts.

If you would like to feature any additional vehicles to the policy, you’ll do so during this section. Once you hit continue, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll choose the drivers you would like to be covered under the policy. this could include anyone who could also be driving the vehicle and lives with you.

Ameriprise Insurance Review: My Experience Using Ameriprise – Adding multiple vehicles
Afterward, you’ll be asked to input more driver details, in order that Ameriprise can generate a more accurate quote. this may include information such as:

Your email address.
License status.
Age and state first licensed to drive.
The vehicle you drive most frequently .
Your legal status .
The section underneath this one asks you for more information about accidents, claims, and violations. Once you’ve got finished, you’ll hit continue.

Lastly, you’ll be taken to a page that asks for a few final details. These include:

Your current insurance provider.
Whether your rent or own.
If you’ve got a lively account with Ameriprise Financial.
Which effective date of coverage you’re seeking.
If you own your home, you’ll then be asked if you currently have a homeowner’s policy with Ameriprise or if you’d consider it within the future. Since they’re documented for his or her bundling discounts, I chose to mention yes here.

Ameriprise Insurance Review: My Experience Using Ameriprise – Final details
That is it! you’ll now be shown your 6-month auto premium quote and what it covers.

Ameriprise Insurance Review: My Experience Using Ameriprise – Your quote
At this stage, you’ll change a number of the coverage options to ascertain what proportion each of them would cost you over the 6-month period, do you have to want to add/increase them.

How much does Ameriprise auto insurance cost?
This rate can vary fairly widely, depending upon your age, location, driving history, and car. While the typical Ameriprise rate is $1,183 annually, that’s a generalization.

Their rates are much less than most other insurance companies, but you’ll get a more competitive rate if you’re between 30 – 75 years aged and have a clean driving record for a minimum of three years.

Ameriprise auto insurance features
Ameriprise auto insurance has quite few features that are standard across the board. If your current insurance carrier doesn’t have a number of these, then Ameriprise is certainly worth a glance .

When insuring with them you’ll expect some great features and fantastic coverage for nearly anything that would happen.

Comprehensive insurance
Comprehensive insurance covers anything that happens to your car non-collision related. These might be things, such as:

Break-in or vandalism.
Shattered or cracked windshield/window.
Damage from an animal striking your car (such as a deer or bird).
Fire or explosion.
Natural disasters.
Things falling onto your car (such as a tree or rock).
Collision coverage
Ameriprise collision coverage covers the repair of your car once you are during a collision. If the car is deemed a complete loss, then they’re going to cover the value to exchange your vehicle at current market price .

Roadside assistance and towing
Having roadside assistance and towing available may be a fantastic feature, that not every insurance carrier offers in their standard plans. With Ameriprise, roadside assistance and towing coverage includes:

Towing to a station .
Battery jumping.
Flat tire repair.
Gas delivered to your car if you run out (but you’ve got to buy the gas).
Rescue when stuck within the snow.
Help to urge into your vehicle when locked out.
Rental automobile insurance
Rental automobile insurance is an optional addition to your coverage with Ameriprise. they’re going to cover the value of a daily rental car while your car is being fixed, as long because it is thanks to a covered loss.

A covered loss is typically an accident of some sort, not just if you would like a car to rent for vacation. you’ll choose different levels of coverage, depending upon the daily dollar amount limit you’d like covered for a rental car.

Bodily injury insurance
This is coverage to buy injury, sickness, or death of someone you’ve got harmed in an accident that’s deemed your fault. Bodily injury insurance also will potentially cover amounts awarded thanks to a lawsuit if you buy a high enough amount of coverage.

Property damage insurance
Property damage covers somebody else’s property that you simply have damaged via an accident. Some examples are:

Hitting a parked car.
Running into your neighbor’s house.
Sliding into a neighbor’s mailbox.
Uninsured motorist coverage
Uninsured motorist coverage is extremely useful once you end up in an accident with someone who is either underinsured or uninsured. Your uninsured motorist coverage will devour the slack and canopy the remaining costs for injuries or damage to you and your car.

Medical expense insurance
Even if you’ve got insurance , you would possibly want to sign-up for Ameriprise’s expense insurance. this is often to assist cover the value of things like:

Ambulance transport.
Doctor visits.
Hospital stays.
Funeral costs.
This insurance are often used whether you’re found guilty or not. If not, the at-fault person’s insurance carrier will eventually reimburse you for all of the medical expenses your insurance firm paid initially was settled.

PIP insurance
Personal injury protection insurance are often extremely helpful within the case of someone aside from yourself getting injured in an accident. If you’ve got a spouse, child, or friend riding with you during an accident, then this coverage assists with their personal loss or injury. It covers things like:

Lost wages.
Medical treatment.
Loss of services.
Funeral expenses.
GAP insurance
GAP insurance is for drivers who have purchased new cars. once you purchase a replacement car, the worth drops pretty dramatically once you drive it off the lot. And if you get into an accident together with your new car, the quantity the insurance firm getting to be|are”> are going to be ready to reimburse you for is merely going to be the present market price for your vehicle. Which, in most cases, may be a lot but what your vehicle loan is for.

This is where GAP insurance comes in and can cover the complete cost of a replacement car replacement, up to 110% of the MSRP for that very same make and model, as long because it happens within 1 year of the acquisition or 15,000 miles.

My experience using Ameriprise
When I tested out Ameriprise, the method to use for auto insurance was pretty easy. Ameriprise came during a bit less than my regular insurance rate of $492.78, which definitely impressed me.

I found the method to use simple and that i didn’t have needing to talk with a live agent. Although it does seem that the need to talk to at least one could also be more common if your information doesn’t automatically pull up in their system as mine did.

Lastly, I found the power to regulate my coverage rates in several categories, and see how it affected my rate, to be an excellent feature.

Who is Ameriprise auto insurance best for?
If you’ve got a clean driving record for a minimum of three years, you’ll want to seem into Ameriprise. they provide tons of discounts and benefits to those that are continually considered safe drivers.

They also prefer drivers with longer driving histories, so if you’re age 30 or above, you’re almost bound to recover rates.

If you’re a home-owner and are willing to bundle your insurance products with them, you’ll expect a good bigger discount. So this company would be an excellent fit anyone willing to bundle.

Who shouldn’t use Ameriprise?
If you’re younger, think teenager or early twenties, you ought to probably check out a special auto insurance provider. Ameriprise typically likes to ascertain a extended driving history, with a secure record, so as to offer the simplest discounts.

They also give far better rates to those that are willing to bundle. So if you don’t want to use them for your home or renter’s insurance, then you ought to also probably look elsewhere.


Pros & cons


  • Better for the budget conscious — Their rates are among the lowest offered and discounts are plentiful.
  • Great for those with good driving records — Having a clean driving record for at least three years will get you the most competitive rates.
  • Bundling options to save more — If you like to bundle services, then this company is for you. They give discounts for bundling their other products with their auto insurance.


  • Longer driving history — Ameriprise may not even consider covering you if you don’t have a clean three-year driving record.
  • You may have to call for a quote — While you may be able to get a ballpark figure through their website, you will often be required to call and speak to someone to get your actual rate and coverage.

Ameriprise vs. competitors

Average cost Discounts Perks
Ameriprise $1,183 Yes, especially when bundling. Low safe driver rate, bundling discounts, many coverage options, good customer service.
Allstate $2,185 Some Easy to get a quote, vanishing deductible option, good coverage.
Esurance $1,218 Multiple Easy online platform, matches you with every discount you qualify for.
Gabi Varies by insurer Varies by insurer Every six-months, Gabi will automatically search for cheaper policy options.


Ameriprise Insurance Review: My Experience Using Ameriprise - Gabi

Unlike Ameriprise, Gabi is an auto and home insurance aggregator – meaning you just fill out one, simple application, and Gabi will pull quotes for multiple insurers. That way, you can see all of your options in one place.

What’s especially unique about Gabi, however, is that you can upload the auto insurance policy you already have, and Gabi will find companies that can beat your current rate. And, Gabi will automatically check every six months for a lower rate. They really take the headache out of applying for insurance.


Ameriprise Insurance Review: My Experience Using Ameriprise -AllstateWhile Allstate gives discounts for being a safe driver, just like Ameriprise, their rates are generally higher. One of the perks of Allstate auto insurance though is their vanishing deductible. They also offer the potential to get a refund if you are unsatisfied with the way a claim has been handled. So, while they are usually more expensive, they have some advantages.

Allstate also has some pretty competitive home insurance rates. And if you like to bundle your services, then they will give you a 25% discount, which is pretty awesome!


Ameriprise Insurance Review: My Experience Using Ameriprise - EsuranceEsurance has a much more user-friendly online platform, for those drivers who prefer to do everything digitally. They are also much more competitive with their rates for younger drivers or those who don’t have the best driving records. Overall, their rates are comparable, but a little bit higher, than Ameriprise in their target audience range.

Like Ameriprise, they also offer discounts for bundling home and auto insurance. Although, they don’t come right out and tell you what it is like Allstate does. Esurance not only offers bundling discounts but also offers discounts on your home insurance for things such as:

  • DIY home inspection – You can get you a $50 discount.
  • Safety features discount – The more safety systems you have, the bigger your discount.
  • Claim free discount – For each year you are claim-free, your discount increases.
  • Smoke-free discount – Fairly self-explanatory.
  • Hail resistant roof discount – Helps to alleviate roof damage from hail, so you get a discount if you have this or get one installed.
  • Storm shutter discount – This is only available in certain states.


Overall, Ameriprise has some great features to offer and low rates for experienced and safe drivers – especially if your driving record is sparkly clean.


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