Besides Canada, Here Are Other Good Countries Nigerians Can Immigrate To And Get Employment

Besides Canada, Here Are Other Good Countries Nigerians Can Immigrate To And Get EmploymentBesides Canada, Here Are Other Good Countries Nigerians Can Immigrate To And Get Employment

Many Nigerians are migrating to Canada on a daily basis to seek for skills and employment.

According to data published by the Canadian government, the growth rate of Nigerians immigrating to Canada has exceeded some of Canada’s biggest sources of immigrants over the last half-decade.

Many Nigerians have left the country to Canada in search of greener pastures, while more people are on the verge of leaving, making the immigration processes highly competitive.

The reason for this high rate of immigration is a result of the high rate of unemployment, , high rate of insecurity in the country, amongst others.

According to reports from Canada, the country is planning to set a limits on the number of immigrate to the country. Due to this reasons a lot of Nigerians will finding it difficult to migrate to Canada.

all hope is not lost as there are other equally good countries Nigerians can explore.

These countries are also good in economies and need immigrants to fill in many job vacancies to boost their economy.

These countries are as follows:

– Denmark

With one of the best GDP per capital on the planet, a very high education rate, the lowest corruption index in the world, the possibility of setting up a business easily and in a short time, and a quality of incomparable life, Denmark has many assets up its sleeve.

Especially if you are targeting the service sector in the broad sense (three quarters of GDP and the largest provider of jobs, with 78% of the working population), or that of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology (almost ‘a quarter of the GDP and 20% of the working population).

The fields of new information technologies and sustainable development (the country is the world’s leading manufacturer of wind turbines) are also very promising.

More than 200 French companies are established in the country, such as Saint-Gobain and Schneider Electric, and represent 16,000 jobs. They are heavily involved in major road infrastructure projects in the energy and transport sectors.

 – Singapore

Strategic geographical location, highly developed infrastructure, secure legal framework, favorable taxation, low unemployment and a low corruption index… Singapore is “the” preferred destination for a business creator from abroad.

The growth sectors are finance and insurance, biotechnologies, information technologies, hotels and restaurants, luxury goods and logistics. Two conditions, however: not to be afraid of the competition (it is fierce) and to have some money aside.

The economic success of this small country without natural resources is exemplary, and the GDP per capital PPP (purchasing power parity) is one of the highest in the world (4th, behind Qatar, Macao and Luxembourg).

Because of the quality of life and the career and income prospects it offers, the city-state nicknamed the “Switzerland of Asia” is the preferred global destination for expatriates. Its open economy is based on: manufacturing and construction; trade, logistics and communication; finance and business services.

Singapore is France’s 1 st trading partner in South East Asia and 3 rd in Asia. Large French groups are present there, such as Alstom, Veolia, Airbus, Safran and Thales.

– New Zealand

One condition, however: you must have an “Entrepreneur Work Visa”, a three-year business permit which involves, among other things, a starting capital of 100,000 NZD (61,000 €). For more convenience, you can opt for a partnership with a native.

The country’s socio-economic development level is among the highest in the West. Despite the diversification of the economy (tourism, film production and the wine sector are now leading sectors), New Zealand remains heavily dependent on its exports (mainly agricultural products).

The growth sectors are services (70% of GDP, 72.5% of the working population), particularly tourism and hotels and restaurants, as well as agri-food, textiles and transport.


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