Best Ad Network to Make Money Online on Your Blog

Monetizing your blog requires you to enrol your blog into different advertising platforms and displaying ads. It is from this ad placement, including the impression and clicks that fetch money on your blog. This discussion shall focus on the best Ad network to make money online.

Best Ad Network to Make Money Online on Your Blog

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Best Ad Network to Make Money Online

Of course, not all Ad network can help you make much money, even if with enough traffic. So that you won’t just be working for them when you make less, that is why I have prepared to write on this topic.

While focusing on the best Ad network, I also will be discussing how to earn, how earnings are calculated, and what you need to get approved into their system. Now, let’s get started.

The Two Best Ad Network

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Media.net

Google AdSense

In one of our recent discussion, I have considered an introduction to Google AdSense. In that post, I gave out my template/blueprint through which I get approval for Google AdSense on every of my blog with ease. You may need to check it out to know more about the Google AdSense program.

However, I also established that Google AdSense offers a PPC (pay per click) program. Although, it makes appropriate use of impressions (number of times an ad placement is viewed by your visitors). The impression helps in estimating the amount of money you can earn from a single click (CPC; cost per click).

Some other times, CPC differs by countries. Getting traffic from certain countries of the world can help you earn better than some. Some of the countries with high CPC include the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

Also, your niche determines your CPC and your overall earnings. If you choose to write on certain niches, you have a high potential of earning better while some niches might earn poor earnings. It is left to you to research the best niche you can go into to get good earnings out of blogging. Some of the best niches with high CPC are insurance, health, and finance.

The influence of keywords in having a high CPC cannot be underrated. Try to engage in keyword research before writing that post. this will help boost your traffic and as well as your earnings.


Media.net is an advertising platform that display ad from advertisers enrolled into Yahoo/Bing advertisement program. It allows bloggers to get enrolled in their ad-serving program and earn big from doing such.

My method of getting Media.net of approval is somehow similar to that of AdSense. If you have taken the proper action into account while applying for Google AdSense, then you can apply for Media.net without any problem. Just make sure that you have no advert on your blog while applying for Google AdSense or Media.net or else you may not get approved.

Just like AdSense, it offers a PPC program with much emphasis on impressions from ads placed on your blog. Media.net takes impressions into account especially from the traffic coming from the USA and other European countries. If you have good traffic from the USA, you have the potential to earn better with Media.net because you will earn good RPM depending on your niche and choice of keyword.

To get started with Media.net, visit www.media.net and submit your website for review. You will be contacted via your email address if your request is approved or disapproved.

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Best Ad Network to Make Money Online on Your Blog

This is all I have to discuss on the best Ad Network to make money online on your blog. In a time to come, I will keep you updated with reviews from other best Ad Networks you can use with your blog.

In case of any question(s), please endeavour to use the comment feature on this page.



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