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Are you trying to find the simplest ad networks in India? during this guide, we’ll show you a number of the simplest ad networks to figure with once you want to monetize traffic from India. Remember to check out which ad network works best for you and your website.

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AdSense is Google’s flagship ad network and an excellent thanks to start monetizing website traffic. AdSense allows Indian traffic and does an excellent job at connecting publishers to advertisers. Publishers also can utilize various ad types and optimization tools within AdSense to urge the foremost out of their ad inventory.

We’ve written a guide the way to make money with Google AdSense here and show you ways to urge an AdSense account here. The signup process is fairly simple as long as you adhere to the AdSense requirements and AdSense rules as mentioned in our guides above. The approval process normally ranges from a couple of days to 1-2 weeks.

Different types of ad units available include display ads, in-feed, in-article, matched content, anchor ads, and auto ads. Features like running experiments and auto ads are great ways of testing which ad layouts and ad types work best for your site without you wanting to do all the work. These AdSense features will assist you optimize your ad revenue and maximize results.

Just always make certain to stay your traffic quality up to plain and minimize invalid traffic as it’s a sure way of getting your ad account banned. When running AdSense or the other ad network, we recommend employing a tool like policeman to detect and stop invalid traffic from seeing and clicking on your ads. this may help protect your ad accounts and limit revenue clawbacks.

Google Ad Exchange, which is now a part of the Google Ad Manager product suite, is that the AdSense premium version. Here publishers can get access to advanced ad optimization tools and targeting features. Most of all, Ad Exchange contains all the premium advertising demand, which suggests publishers tend to earn higher ad revenue.

Advanced features include the likes of:

Preferred deals
Filtering and blocking
Customizable reports supported publishers parameters
The ability to line your inventories as branded, semi-transparent and anonymous
The ability to dam vendors
Dynamic Allocation
We recommend starting with AdSense as that’s the simplest thanks to gain access to Google demand. As you progress and your site grows, consider joining Ad Exchange. to urge access to Ad Exchange, you would like to be invited by Google, which usually only happens if you’ve got many users per month.

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PubMatic offers a variety of solutions to publishers and focuses on transparency and ad quality. they assist publishers package, manage and sell their premium ad inventory to advertisers via private marketplaces.

Their advanced RTB technologies help increase competition and yield by connecting publishers to multiple demand partners. this is often done through various screen sizes and channels to maximise competition. Their ad quality tools help protect publishers from low-quality ads while improving user experience.

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xandr logo
Xandr, previously AppNexus, may be a leading AdTech company that gives a good range of publisher and programmatic solutions.

With Xandr, publishers gain access to a top-class ad exchange that connects them to a huge pool of advertisers. the corporate boasts of getting over 10 million daily impressions running through their ad exchange.

They use data-driven yield optimization to assist maximize the worth of publisher ad inventory. along side their strategic inventory management and demand advantage, they continue to be an excellent ad network for India’s publishers.

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Rubicon Project logo
Magnite focuses on helping publishers monetize and maximize their mobile and video ad inventory value. If you’ve got video content to monetize and have most of your traffic come from mobile, think about using Magnite.

Through Magnite, publishers can get access to a curated programmatic video advertising marketplace connected to a worldwide demand of over 1 billion daily ad requests. For mobile traffic, you’ll get access to over 250 global mobile DSPs with thousands of advertisers.

For more advanced features, publishers can utilize Private and Open marketplaces using guaranteed direct orders. Using all the tools and marketplaces available with Magnite will help increase demand for your ad inventory and, with it, ad rates.

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mediadotnet-logo is usually mentioned as a high-paying alternative to AdSense within the ad industry. This network comprises both Bing and Yahoo search engines. It utilizes a mixture of native ads, display ads, and contextual ads to monetize publisher traffic through its network of billions of users.

Many premium publishers utilize their network, including sites like CNN, WebMD, Reuters. they need also started offering access to direct advertiser demand and help publishers increase their ad revenue through header bidding on the Programmatic platform.

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OpenX runs a worldwide programmatic marketplace giving publishers access to premium advertisers reaching over 300 billion bids per month. they need a spread of products including their main offering, their ad exchange, OpenX video, OpenX mobile, OpenX bidder, and OpenX programmatic direct.

With OpenX bidder, publishers get to mix the facility of header bidding with their ad exchange and maximize each of their ad impressions. OpenX mobile gives app and mobile publishers access to over 11 000 premium advertisers and over 100 DSP looking to advertise on their ad inventory.

OpenX video gives publishers access to high-quality video advertising demand while OpenX programmatic direct helps publishers connect with private marketplaces and more.

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Sovrn is an innovative company seeking to assist its publisher partners earn more ad revenue. they provide a variety of monetization solutions to publishers with many added benefits like quick payments.

Through Sovrn, publishers can run header bidding with header complete, analyze their ad performance and even monetize their data as a further revenue source. With “Unblock” publishers can even monetize users that have ad blockers installed on their devices. This feature is great for publishers battling ad block users and is about to assist unblock a minimum of 20% more revenue.

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Smart Ad Server
Smart Ad Server isn’t just a billboard server, but also offers an entire monetization suite to publishers. With Holistic+, publishers can run a unified auction with transparent competition. Reporting and integration are effortless, making it an easy but effective approach to monetization.

They also help publishers reach advertisers they never would are ready to with curated deals by grouping publishers together in inventory packs. With their programmatic guaranteed products, publishers can found out direct deals and other more sophisticated monetization methods.

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There are more ad networks out there, but not all will perform well with Indian traffic. we might also recommend that you simply test out some content recommendation or native advertising networks like Mgid, Taboola, and Outbrain. These networks might be an excellent addition to your ad stack and help improve your fill rates.

WHERE to travel FROM HERE?

Now that you’ve got an inventory of ad networks that employment well with India’s traffic, join and test them out. If you’re a seasoned publisher, this could be an easy task. For others that don’t have ample ad optimization experience, this might sound daunting. this is often why it’s great to partner with a billboard management company like MonetizeMore to optimize your ad revenue.

When you partner with us, we’ll assist you get found out with ad networks, test them out, optimize your ad stack, found out header bidding, improve your ad layouts, ad fill rates, and far more! We do all of this while you get to continue that specialize in growing your site without the headache., we do all of this.

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