Best Businesses To Start In Nigeria With Little Capital

Best Businesses To Start In Nigeria With Little Capital
Best Businesses To Start In Nigeria With Little Capital.

Are you looking for a job? Are you thinking of venturing into a business that would yield massively this year and make you big? Worry less. God has got control of this. It’s a whole new decade and from the look of things in Nigeria and virtually all part of the world, business is the best way to make money but what kind of business can you venture that will yield profit?

We’ve looked into the Nigerian economy and analysed the best business to venture into this 2020.

1. Importation

Perhaps you are thinking that it requires a lot of money to start importation. Take for instance Apple importation, you can get to negotiate with the company that you want to start importing Apples into Nigeria and then you’ll pay them after you’ve made sales.


They might probably take it into consideration and there you go, you’ve started a very good business. You start making money and then you can settle your debt with them after sales.

2. Women’s Dresses

Venture ideas that involve women’s dresses are ultra competitive, but they’re also super popular. We’ve been scouring women’s fashion websites for a while now and have noticed an interesting trend.

While most fashion online stores include drop-down menus, we’ve noticed that many brands actually include “Dresses” in the top navigation while bundling everything else under a “Clothing” dropdown. The prominence of “Dresses” proves that it’s one of the most popular women’s fashion items for many retailers.

Ecommerce business ideas like selling women’s dresses can be heavily promoted via ads. The great thing about clothing ads is they’re often great at capturing the impulse buy.

A shopper sees a dress they like on Facebook or Instagram, pulls out their credit card and makes a purchase without carefully contemplating the decision. Running ads on Facebook and Instagram will likely be your best bet for attracting the sale. Also, if you have an audience built up, you can also run email campaigns to drive traffic to your website.

3. Bakery Business

This is a business I will personally recommend for anyone who is looking for a most profitable line of business that is hassle-free.

About 10million loaves of bread are consumed every day in Lagos Nigeria alone. Now imagine how many loaves are consumed in the whole of the nation daily.

This is not surprising. Bread is one of the most common staple food in Nigeria next to rice and cassava flakes.

If you are considering going into any business in Nigeria, starting a bakery is your best bet. It is one of the most profitable businesses one can do in Nigeria with minimal capital. brown bread arranged in an oven

You can make as much as N2million weekly by selling just 50,000 loaves of bread

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