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Best Performing Banner Ad Sizes To Earn More Money in 2021

Best Performing Banner Ad Sizes To Earn More Money in 2021.

Choosing ideal ad sizes for displaying ads to users is perhaps one among the foremost important things that publishers need to concentrate to. Today, an outsized sort of banner ad sizes is out there , but that doesn’t mean that the task is simplified.

If anything, having more choices are often more confusing. Ideally, publishers should first remember about their inventory and website. for instance , the sort of the web site (heavy reading content or infographic-based) are often a determining factor for selecting the proper banner ad sizes or formats.

Other than that, having knowledge about the various banner ad sizes also can be of help for publishers. thanks to this, we’ve tried to elucidate the various ad sizes that publishers have at their disposal immediately , additionally to talking about banner ad sizes that perform the simplest , during this blog.

Before moving on to ad sizes, here’s a touch of introduction to banner advertising.
Banner Advertising
The term specifically refers to the utilization of rectangular ad sizes for displaying ads. The ad creative are often a picture , text, or a mixture of both this stuff . However, publishers may need noticed that image-based banner ads are the foremost popular. the explanations for the widespread use of banner ads within the ad tech industry are that they will effectively help in building brand value, easy to implement, and may be used for retargeting.

Publishers should also note that while the terms ‘banner ads’ and ‘display ads’ are often used interchangeably within the ad tech industry there’s a small difference between them. the main difference lies within the incontrovertible fact that banner ads are a subset of display advertising. Display ads are often banner ads, interstitials, or video ads. within the current scenario, the term banner ads is primarily wont to ask different ad sizes.

Banner Ad Sizes

The table below shows the various sorts of banner ads for desktop and mobile:

Name Size (Px) Visual Representation
Medium Rectangle 300×250
Leaderboard 728×90
Wide Skyscraper 160×600
Half Page 300×600
Large Rectangle 336×280
Billboard 970×250
Banner 468×60
Half Banner 234×60
Skyscraper 120×600
Vertical Banner 120×240
Portrait 300×1050
Large Leaderboard 970×90
Square 250×250
Small Square 200×200
Small Rectangle 180×150
Button 125×125

Mobile Banner Ad Sizes

Name Size (Px) Visual Representation
Mobile Leaderboard 320×50
Mobile Full Page Flex 320×320
Large Mobile Banner 320×100
Square 250×250
Small Square 200×200

Top Performing Banner Ad Sizes

So, publishers do have tons of options to settle on from when it involves banner ad sizes, but they have to ascertain which ad size or sizes will give them the simplest results. Furthermore, some ad sizes are sure to perform better than others which may be due to tons of reasons, for instance , their placement. to offer publishers some idea about what ad sizes can help them earn more revenue, below is a few information about the banner ad sizes that perform best:

Medium Rectangle (300×250)

This ad size is taken into account to be the simplest performing ad size, which is additionally why it’s expensive. so as to leverage this ad size advantageously, it’s advisable to place it above the fold. By doing so, publishers can expect high CPMs. Additionally, if you employ a medium rectangle along side a leaderboard ad, you’ll get higher revenue.

Other than this, the massive rectangle (336×280) is additionally a well-liked ad format. This banner ad size is sort of almost like medium rectangle, but gives room for more content.

Leaderboard (728×90)

Being a neighborhood of IAB standard ad units, leaderboard ads are often easily implemented. Moreover, the demand for these ad units is incredibly high within the market, which suggests the buying and selling process becomes easy.

Leaderboards usually appear on the highest of the page and thus are often seen instantly by the user as they open the web site . This being said, publishers also can experiment with placing these ads in between the most content and at rock bottom to urge better results.

Wide Skyscraper (160×600)

Also referred to as ‘large skyscrapers’, wide skyscrapers are another popular banner ad size. they’re mostly placed on the side of the page and remain in sight albeit the user scrolls down the page, thereby ensuring improved ad viewability.

Wide skyscrapers came into existence to exchange the traditional skyscrapers (120×600), because the latter didn’t provide much space for content. However, it’s not advisable to completely ignore skyscrapers, since they will also give good returns to publishers.

Mobile Leaderboard (320×50)

Mobile leaderboards are one among the foremost popular ad sizes or mobile, despite the very fact that they’re the smaller mobile banner ads. On Google AdSense, these ads are listed as anchor ads, meaning that they stick with rock bottom of the page and remain in sight because the user scrolls down.

Mobile leaderboard ads are known for providing good user experience and are an honest thanks to monetize mobile websites.

Best Practices for Effective Banner Advertising

A/B testing: within the previous section, we talked about banner ads that perform best. Although it’s advisable to use popular ad sizes, publishers shouldn’t solely believe them. it’s going to better rather be that another ad format is performing better for a specific website supported the sort of the content. So, publishers got to check properly which ad sizes are ideal for his or her websites.

Deal with Banner Blindness: Banner blindness may be a common phenomenon related to banner ads, since they’re displayed constantly to the user. Eventually, users start to ignore ads which results in reduced ad viewability. this will seriously hurt publishers’ revenue generation potential. Therefore, so as to make sure that banner blindness doesn’t become a drag , publishers got to keep experimenting with their ad placements. for instance , placing a leaderboard below the fold are often helpful.

Use ideal ad sizes for mobile: As important as mobile web monetization is during this era, it also can be terribly tricky. the foremost important thing publishers got to confine mind is to make sure that mobile ads aren’t intrusive in any way, as which will ruin the entire page experience. additionally to the present , it’s important to supply users with a clear-cut thanks to get obviate the ad, if they need to try to to so.

Final Thoughts

The reason why banner advertising may be a popular choice for publishers and advertising is that the simple implementation and high revenue potential. the massive sort of banner ad sizes provides publishers with how to monetize their website in diverse ways.

However, it’s always better to know your inventory before going for any specific ad size. albeit you encounter a billboard size that’s proving to be fruitful, experimenting with other sizes may be a great way to travel about website optimization.


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