Business Ideas For Low Budget Entrepreneurs

Business Ideas For Low Budget Entrepreneurs
Business Ideas For Low Budget Entrepreneurs.

Starting and running a business often requires lots of initial funds, apart from significant time and energy investment. However, lack of money can never be a deterrent for some passionate entrepreneurs. Most business ventures begin small and then slowly scale up. It all depends upon your drive and the effort you put in. For entrepreneurs who love their idea, working around the clock is never an issue. In today’s business environment, starting up has never been easier. Easy access to the internet, cheap data rates, accessible technology and more networks and avenues for funding help an entrepreneur establish her business quicker than ever before. If you are enterprising and have the will to work hard and succeed, you can start a business with as low as a few bucks and work your way towards being profitable. Here are some business ideas to get you started.


you are a creative soul with skills in art, music or dance, you can start tutoring children and adults in these art forms. Becoming a private tutor wouldn’t require a lot of investment and the returns are more than the cost you put in. One can also take up collective classes for several people, do two or more batches a day and thus maximise profits.


While thrift stores are a rage in the West, especially in the US and Europe, it’s gaining ground in this country too with several startups experimenting with the circular economy. With more data coming in about the effect of fast fashion, several conscious consumers are also turning to thrift stores for their new wardrobe. Starting a thrift store will require you to begin collecting clothes from your own wardrobe and those of people you might know. With a little dry cleaning, you are all set to begin putting up the clothes for sale. You can start a thrift page by taking pictures of products you wish to sell, and then upload them on Facebook or Instagram. Having a wide circle of friends and acquaintances will certainly help spread the word.


The services industry is always teeming with opportunities. If you have good creative writing skills, you can open a freelancing start up. With a steady internet connection, a computer and your skills, you can help companies, marketers, media, advertising houses and others with writing and editing creative content. You can do it on your own time and earn money depending on your effort and expertise.

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