Business Ideas You Can Start With Less than N10,000

Business Ideas You Can Start With Less than N10,000
Business Ideas You Can Start With Less than N10,000.


There are many writing opportunities in the world today, both online and offline. The need for content services continues to grow. For less than N10,000, you can set yourself up as a successful freelance writer.

This is a serious way to earn a part-time or full-time income. You don’t have to be a freelancer, but you do have to have some writing skills to think about getting started. If you have the desire to write fluently and do not have the ability to write, you can learn to write. You see independence not only as a writing, but also as a serious commitment.


Livestock is another lucrative aspect of agriculture, and investment income (ROI) is so fast and rapid. Livestock farming is one of the easiest agricultural areas to work. Any edible vegetable is always in demand. If you make a plan for gardening, you, your family and your community will have plenty of food and you will have the opportunity to earn money.

Rabbit cattle

Rabbit farming is also a lucrative business. You can invest less than N10,000 for this. Over the years, rabbit farming has been a major source of income in Asia and Africa and even around the world. Rabbit farming involves raising rabbits that can be used commercially or for sale. Before setting up a rabbit farm, you need to know the basic requirements and basic knowledge for raising rabbits. It is very important to choose before you start with the right gender.

Shoe repair companies

If you decide to start a shoe repair business, you need to do a little research, especially market research. A work plan is another important factor to consider when starting a shoe repair business


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