Businesses That Can Serve As Source of Income

Businesses That Can Serve As Source of Income.


Car wash is a very lucrative business which is also easy to start and can stand as a good source of income

It’s a no brainer that car wash is a good business especially if you get a good location and water supply. By good location, I mean an open area that is not too far from residential areas. You can make a lot of money if you can get a good location. You can also do home service by washing cars for people at thier respective home.


Perhaps you are thinking that it requires a lot of money to start importation. Take for instance Apple importation, you can get to negotiate with the company that you want to start importing Apples into Nigeria and then you’ll pay them after you’ve made sales.

They might probably take it into consideration and there you go, you’ve started a very good business. You start making money and then you can settle your debt with them after sales.


Made in Nigeria products seem to be gaining increasing acceptance and patronage from Nigerians home and abroad about now.

One of the indigenous industries that people seem to patronise more apart from our music is Nigerian fashion including Nigerian fashion design brands and more recently, indigenous shoe line brands. But first of all, you may need to invest in acquiring knowledge. With the right skill, marketing, and most importantly business strategy, you can start your own shoe line today and the rest may just be one good history.


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