Businesses To Start That Will Be Giving You Between 80,000 To 120,000 Naira Every Week

In this article I will explain the best business ideas in Nigeria. Some may start with very little capital or none.

In this article I will explain the best business ideas in Nigeria. Some may start with very little capital or none.

This article explains what it takes to run and execute these business ideas successfully.

1. Call card business

This type of business is also known as Nigerian recharge card business. There are almost no adults who do not have a telephone. it’s often one of the explanations for why those who work on recharge cards do so well. You can also get on the train when you start entering the market.

2. Food Basket / Mobile Food Business

Food is one of the most important human needs. regardless of the condition you are with a person, you should eat. As a result, the food business will always be profitable. is one of the most prosperous companies in Nigeria.

The key to success here is to stand out by choosing a specialty menu, a niche and a market segment. you can’t be everything to everyone.

Carefully choose the market where yields are highest. for example, you prefer to serve employees of mass organizations such as banks, oil and gas companies, and multinational organizations and establish a relationship with their human resources departments to allow you to bring your own food during lunch. them or within the specific time of day. it will add special frankness to busy executives as part of the service.

3. Sports betting agency

Sports betting has become a gold mining business in Nigeria, because new and old money in your love of football makes money while enjoying the round leather game.

This also explains the reasoning behind the rise in sports betting companies (bookstores). Sports betting companies need agents to connect directly with players. you will need a suitable environment for office space (a store will do this), a generator, a computer, a printer, an internet connection and a match table. Then follow the employment contract along with the book creators. With some companies, you create money in three ways, namely: board game, virtual game, and deposit that you create on behalf of your customers. With N250,000, you are sure to be during this business and start smiling at the bank.

4. Design and manufacture of clothes

This business requires skills. So, the main step to achieving your success is to build skills. Choose English and traditional tailoring clothes, fashion and style training. Once finished, get up and running! You’ve become a Clothing Designer and clothing is usually a sloppy business concept, and is highly paid and so the good thing is that you can only start on the minimum scale if you want to.

5. Business Okrika Bale

This business is booming in Nigeria as a result of the country’s weak economy. An average income winner in Nigeria hardly enters the store under the name of buying first class clothes. So the Okrika bullet business can be a good business to start in any part of Nigeria, but especially in suburban and rural areas.

Lagos, Aba, Kano and Onitsha have good markets to buy flocks to buy flocks. The initial capital of this business may change; it’s up to you, but you’ll start with reduced capital from N100000 to N200000.

6. Driving for Uber

There are many different reasons why people prefer to drive with Uber. There are those who turn to hay for the freedom to drive when and where they want. They are the boss and they work the time or the minimum they need, following a program that adapts to their needs. The typical Uber rider makes between 80,000 and 120,000 Naira every week.

For now, driving at Uber is extremely profitable in Nigeria. This not only allows you to find out once you want to (including nights or weekends), but it will also allow you to make money while doing so. While some drivers do it full time, some only roll in the barn in the dark after daily work and weekends.

7. Independent Content Development / Ghost Writer

Do you consider yourself a word writer? Establishing yourself as a content development developer can convince you to be a stepping stone or even a full-time job.

Companies in Nigeria such as media agencies, blogs and beginners can pay for success for someone who can write a clean copy of the content, whether for ads, websites or blogs. Some will even pay you for your editing services. However, consider what work is provided to form freelance work and your full-time concert.

8. Cakes and pies

Making, decorating and selling cakes and cupcakes of some kind for occasions, from birthdays to weddings to birthdays, can be a fantastic business idea for the pastry chef and hobby to follow, and it can be very lucrative. .

You can start with a budget of shoes ripening and decorating directly in your kitchen. an effective marketing idea is to send candy samples to interested parties to make sure they send the business your way, or send photos of the cakes to Instagram using appropriate hashtags.

9. Packing of small chops

Starting a copy packaging business can be a lucrative business idea in Nigeria. Nigerians want light foods like small cakes to have grown a lot over the years.

In addition to big events like weddings, funerals, and birthday parties, small herds are also the preferred choice when it comes to gathering friends for a date, a boat cruise, and a beach hour.

The most important thing about small purchases is that while there are thousands of people offering this service, there will certainly be no shortage of demand. The key to being a successful small business owner is creativity and packaging.

10. Dropshipping

This is one of the new business ideas in Nigeria. it is a type of business that you can start with very little capital. What you want is a laptop or smartphone, online data, and social networking platforms, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. (which can run your online store)

This is a profitable business concept that has made a lot of naira. the key to the business is to identify and recognize what people need right now, and know where and how those items can originate (AliExpress can be a good place to start a transportation business in Nigeria).

11. Email marketing business

Over the next few years, the acceptance of email marketing as a form of advertising is expected to create, and create your business to claim a significant share of the market by starting your email marketing business now and providing services. first-class results with proven results that can make them come back and refer to others.

Email marketing companies help small and medium businesses connect online with existing customers to market the sale of products and services.

External marketing services allow companies to specialize in other areas of business development.

12. Social media marketing

The social media space has become an essential tool that will bring not only the visibility of companies, but also their profit.

In fact, some future companies currently have social networking strategies as a function of full service within their organization, while some others transfer that service. this is often the reason why there is a growing need for people with social media marketing strategies and developmental skills. before this development to discover the tricks of using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, online forums, blogs to sell goods and services and to offer it to various people and business organizations, including SMEs that want to go down to the market. digital marketing space and do it. money for yourself.

13. Daycare business

It will always be necessary to form a lifestyle even after separation. this is often one of the explanations for why daycares observe money. The services they offer are useless and necessary. If you have a benefit for babies and young people, then you will consider starting a daycare.

14. Cleaning business

This is a current business idea in Nigeria right now. tons of individuals have done well during this business and still do well. There are thousands of people who are tired of work and will not have time to clean their clothes. Therefore, you will want to start a cleaning business.

15. Catering company

In Nigeria, the restaurant business has grown steadily. this suggests that it does not leave fashion. If you think you’re just a good chef, you’ll start a restaurant business. you will be asked to try the tone within the kitchen area of ​​excellent food.

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