Businesses you can do in Your Place Of Work To Get More Income

Businesses you can do in Your Place Of Work To Get More Income
Businesses you can do in Your Place Of Work To Get More Income.

Though, is not every job that allows you do other things, so you can have multiple streams of income. In other hands, there are some jobs that gives you privilege of doing something else. Whichever type of job yours falls in, this write up is for you.

There are mini businesses you can do in your place of work. These businesses can be seen as multiple streams of income. Though, I strongly discourage any form of unseriousness or eye service in places of work. But, I encourage the use of your break period to do personal business and it should not affect your official duty.

Businesses You Can Do In Your Place Of Work:


Soya beans has gain it’s ground in our meals today, because of its health benefits. Many families, has made soya beans part of their children’s meal. Some uses it as milk for children’s pap, while some prepares it as tofu (awara). Back to business, do you know, you can prepare the soya beans, package in nylon and take to your place of work? During lunch period, market it to as many that cares to listen, I tell you, they will patronize you. If you do not try, you will never know.


Ginger is now very expensive in the market. Just imagine, if you had dried plenty gingers when it was cheap, and begin to grind and package them now that it is costly. You would have been making so much money right now.

It’s not late, buy and grind dry ginger and package it in an airtight container. Then take it to your office, show friends and colleagues whenever you are less busy, some of them would patronize you if you market it well. The grounded ginger can also be taken as tea, remember to tell them that, when doing your marketing.


Coated peanuts is loved by many and very expensive too, learn how to prepare it or you follow me, as I will be writing on how to prepare some of these things later on. After preparing them, package them according to the size of different airtight containers and carry them in your bag to work. You will see people who will buy and even order for more.

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