Businesses you can do when Looking for Multiple Source of Income

Businesses you can do when Looking for Multiple Source of Income
Businesses you can do when Looking for Multiple Source of Income.

Honey Vendor:

You can buy a gallon of honey or more especially if it’s original, print a small SAV banner indicating that you sell honey, place it at the front of your apartment, for your neighbours to see. Majority of homes needs honey because of the medicinal value placed on it. You can also take some of the honey to work where you can sell to your colleagues in the office. You can also take some to your place of worship also, so you can sell after service.

Fish Business:

Buy fish in carton from cold room. If you can’t buy a carton, share with someone. Store them in your deep freezer, print your small banner and let people know you have fish to sell. Some of them instead of transporting themselves to market to buy fish. They will prefer buying from you instead.This fish is best bought early in the morning. You can dedicate your Saturday to buy them. You buy the fish in the morning because, that is when you will see other fish buyers who you can share with, if you cannot buy a carton.

POS Business:

This is exactly the current system people are using to withdraw, transfer and pay bills now. Place an advert in front of your house, people will patronize you especially if you’re living in an estate with no nearby bank. Even if you have a regular job, they will still patronize you in the evening or during weekends.

Roasted fish business:

Get a corner where you can roast point and kill fish. You can construct the equipment used in roasting the fish and start fish roasting in the evening when you return from your regular job. This business is good if you are living in a populated area.

Cloth vendor:

What ladies are actually wearing right now is gown. Get an Okrika vendor who deals majorly on women’s wear, ask the person to call you whenever he or she looses the bale, select good second hand gown, first grade. Do oral advert by showing your goods to ladies in your office, neighbourhood or place of worship. You can also snap and advertise the clothes on Facebook or other apps.

Charcoal Business:

If your house is in the street, you can buy a bag or two of charcoal, rebag the product in a nylon and showcase on a table in front of your house. I tell you this business moves. You won’t lack cash with this, as corn roasters, fish roasters, even some household uses charcoal to cook beans with their local stove instead of using gas.

Fire wood:

If you have space beside your house, order for firewood and start selling in the space you have. Do you know that this business can give you heavy money? Every Saturday wedding, needs firewood, every suya stand needs firewood, bean cake (Akara) vendors needs firewood, caterers needs firewood, bakery needs firewood e.t c.

Ice block business:

If you have a good deep freezer, go into ice block production. All you will need is to buy the ice block nylon, pour water inside the nylon, tie the nylon and place in your deep freezer. Place an advert for buyers to see. You can also supply meat sellers your ice in the evening because, some of them preserves meat using ice block.

Ready to cook sachet bean cake (moi moi):

You can use your weekends to buy beans, dehusk the beans, wash and dry the beans. When the beans is properly dried, grind the beans with a dry engine and package in nylon for sell. Place you advert in front of your house and watch people coming for it. People are too busy to wash beans and they will prefer yours.

Ready to drink millet:

You can also use your weekends to buy millet, dry potatoes and dry ginger. Remove stones from the millets and wash all the ingredients together, allow them to dry properly and blend in a dry engine. Package in a nylon bag and advertise for sell. This is a receipt for your already made kunu. People who loves the drink but do not have time preparing it, will patronize you.

Hair treatment/growth oil:

During your weekends, buy coconuts and shea butter, break the coconuts, grate them to extract the juice. Place the juice in the freezer so that the oil will separate from the water. With your spoon scoop the oil, melt it in the sun and mix with Shea Butter. Package it and start selling in your office and at home. People are looking for good hair treatment/hair growth organic products.

Small chops:

Do a banner indicating that you supply small chops, place the banner in front of your house for customers to see. A lot of people orders small chops to keep in their fridge. So its a good business.

There are many ways you can create your multiple source of income. For now, we will be dwelling in the above mentioned.


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