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Businesses you Can Start Off within Your Neighborhood

Businesses you Can Start Off within Your Neighborhood
Businesses you Can Start Off within Your Neighborhood.

1. Cold Room/Storage Business:

It may interest you to know that within your compound, you can start of a mini-cold room business. A cold room, is mostly used as a storage for things, people don’t want to get spoilt. You can leaverage on the lack of steady supply to encourage your neighbors, to come store their perishable in your cold room. All you need is a fabricated cooling machine and a standard system of packaging and labeling, all the stores goods, so that you don’t get customer’s goods mixed up. You should charge for this service on a daily basis and within a month, you will be smiling to the bank.

2. Home-cleaning Services:

A lot of people, barely have time for themselves, neither do they have time for house chores, hence, your service would come in handy. Introduce your business to neighbors, by printing beautiful fliers and offer irresistible discounts and within weeks, you would be happy that you gave this idea a shot.

3. Laundry Service:


Not everyone loves to wash clothes, hence, you can leverage on this fact to make money. As always, introduce your business to people within your neighborhood, by advertising with fliers and giving out your complimentary card, where necessary. Promise your prospective customers a timely home delivery of their clothes and you will have a massive patronage. You can be sure to make some good money from this business.

4. Food Delivery Service:

Many working-class mother’s and bacherlors, would be glad to pay for soups, stews and all kinds of delicacies, to be delivered to their doorsteps. Trust me, the stress from work, is too much stress already. Help them, alleviate this stress and make money off it. As usual, your home, is the your ‘office location’.

5. Akara Business (Bean Cake):

Knowing how much many Nigerians love to eat akara, you can be sure that this business will thrive. All you need do is start frying the akara at the front of your house or compound and you will be surprised at the patronage you will receive. More importantly, you will be smiling to the bank very often.

6. Hair Styling/Nail fixing

Knowing how much women love to look beautiful, you can leverage on this to kick off your home-service hairstyling for your neighbors. Don’t worry, once you’re good at what you do, it’s only a matter of time before the whole neighborhood, begins to patronise you. Interestingly, you going to make a lot of money.

7. Pure Water(satchet water) Retailing:

As a matter of fact, not every household may be buoyant enough to buy bags of pure water at once. Hence, you can leverage on this situation by selling cold purewater in bags. Just let your neighbors know about your business and it will sell way more than you can imagine, because pure water will always be a necessity. You will be glad that you ventured into this business.

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