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Businesses You Can Start That Are Capable Of Giving You 100,000 Naira Monthly

Businesses You Can Start That Are Capable Of Giving You 100,000 Naira Monthly
Businesses You Can Start That Are Capable Of Giving You 100,000 Naira Monthly.

Here are the following businesses you want to know about before starting a business in any business you want to start:

1. Business opportunity in the spreadsheet: You may not be aware of this possibility. This is what some of the best foam manufacturing companies like Vital Foams, Mouka Foams, etc. have to offer. they get this hot opportunity because every body needs foam or mattress for their hotel school, weddings or their new kids.

This is hot because it is cost effective. What you can do to make money is turn it into a major distributor or a mattress maker. As a foam maker, I mean you just have to buy different sizes of colorless mattresses made by high companies at a cheap price.

Then just buy sheets of any good color according to what you know what the individual likes best. Then call a good tailor or stylist who can do it for you at a proven price. Then get it at the popular market in your store and sell it. This I saw when I was walking around, about something I wanted to buy on Ekoteo Street, Dugbe.

2. Local T-Shirt Business Opportunity: If you visit the popular Ogunpa Street Market, Dugbe, you will see what full t-shirt retailers are like. They are silent millionaires. They are cheaper to buy in the rest of the state of Aba or Lagos and are sold as distributors or retailers. Most lower and middle class people spend every day this local opportunity for personal use.


Sometimes some other people go to the Ogunpa market or the Eco idumato market (where they are imported there) and buy cheap in different parts according to the taste of their customers and sell it premium at their location. This is where you walk as a distributor, distributor or manufacturer of unpacked t-shirts, if you will.

For example, as a t-shirt maker, all you have to do is buy t-shirt materials for the yard, in Aba or lagos. Then call a famous tailor who can do it on time. Then pick it up and sell it to local t-shirt retailers in the popular market and get rich if you like your product.

He’s the same boxer I’m telling you about now. This is a secret I am exposing to you now. Or, you can become an independent tailor in t-shirt production or hire some good tailors from your business if you have the financial strength.

3. Aba market opportunity: It is a very hot return because you can become a silent millionaire if you enter this company as a boxer and / or shirt / or distributor or shoe with three packages. Some of the merchants who cannot go to Aba and buy for free wholesale can look around to see if you are applying for your business as a major distributor of Aba manufacturers and luckily they buy most of it.

This is where this opportunity comes in handy. You don’t have to go there. You can order Aba made for your company and they will send you a truck driver to take care of you so they know your location after negotiating a strong deal. You need to have a union to contribute together to the cost of transportation. Only in transport can it cost you a lot to carry your load.


4. POS business opportunity: I didn’t know it before because I thought it was only for banking companies until I first read it on Whatsapp. With that, I realize how profitable this business is. I know how banking companies make a lot of money from the POS business through ATMs that most customers use to get their turn.

But if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, make sure the banks where you live are not too big. It can be equipped for supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, shopping malls or any other place you think you can. It is so profitable because I was accused of the number 150 of withdrawing from the POS ATM bank car.

How wonderful that is! Make lots of money by charging N150 or N200 customers for towing every day in your POS business. Go to any bank you choose and apply.

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