BUSINESSES YOU CAN START WITH 13,000 naira.   What business can #13,000 help you start or how can 13,000 naira help better your existing business ??

What business can #13,000 help you start or how can 13,000 naira help better your existing business ??

Making extra income daily might be one of the best things anyone would seek because it will always ensure that you have enough money to do whatever you want. But it gets really tough when people struggle to get a business to do. Do you know that there are tons of businesses you can do and there are so many entrepreneurs that have Business idea ?

Fabpulse comes up with a weekly giveaway in order to help her members share Business idea. On this giveaway contest, Fabpulse FORUM members listed BUSINESSES YOU CAN START OR WAYS TO BETTER YOUR EXISTING WITH ₦13,000. We featured all comments with the highest likes on this post.

Sanni Braimah
With 13000 I can start liquid soaps making business thanks

Bicky Page
I will start selling popcorn11500
And upgrade my ibt forum account
With 1500
Total will be 13k

Kadiri Ja’amiu Nass
With 13k, I can stat up a recharge card business and make a lot from it and a bread business

Abdulazeez Ibrahim
this businesses are the profitable business one can venture into with the above mentioned capital and expect good income from it.
1. Selling of bottled drink or bottled water: It is a very lucrative business, because it’s every day consumption product,
2. Recharge Card Distribution Business: Even without money you can start this business if you have a bulk seller that trust you.
3. Plantain Chips Business: This is what I enjoy eating mostly when I am travelling, people eat this every day, it is a chips that is commonly selling every where.

Festus Festus
Freelance Content Development / Ghost Writer
Do you consider yourself a wordsmith? Setting yourself up as a freelance content development could prove to be a side-hustle or maybe even a full-time job.
Companies in Nigeria such as media agencies, blogs and startups will pay big time for someone who can write a clean copy of contents, whether it’s for advertisements, websites or blogs. Some will even pay you for your editing services. However, consider how much work it takes to make freelancing work your full-time gig

Obinna Anayo
₦13000 can increase my earnings in my POS business. I started the business ending last month with just ₦40,000 in my wallet but sometimes people that wants to withdraw ₦60,000, to ₦100000, will come and I can’t be able to help them withdraw. So I need cash to increase my wallet. Thanks

Bíí Jåy
With 13000 I can buy some tool to help my graphic design

George Enakhimion
Well, with #13,000 i will start frying of akara and sales of bread in my busstop.
Am tired of sitting at home.

Miles Kyle
With 13k I can use to buy ibtforum coupon code and sell and earn my 250 gain is that not nice

Ekeh Trust
13,000 naira will help me open a site to start selling cheap DATA / Airtime
Pay electricity bill
Print recharge card pin
Do DStv subscription

Testaline David
N13,000 will help improve my restaurant business whereby I will buy food stuff and improve the business to another level of taste. Nijapot.

Gold Opeyemi Obabiyi
With 13,000 I can start my liquid soap business back

Okoro Francisca
With 13000 I can start up my cake baking business. I will use part of the money to buy equipments like cake pan, pastry brush, spatula,whisk, measuring cup,wooden spoon, Rolling pin,Mixer and will use some of the money to buy cake materials like flour and other things required.

Owutamunopiri Doroathy
13,000 is really a huge sum,I will invest 5k in Ethereum,I will also fund my RAGP account so I can distribute airtime to females around in order to report cases of rape,since the rate of rape cases are increasing on daily bases I will use 3,000 to produce pepper spray and sell at an affordable rate,so all females can get it and take it wherever they go

James Unekwu
the business I can use #13000 to start are
1. recharge card business
2. investment, I can use it to invest in ethrium corsage
3. with #13000 I can use it to start popcorn & snatch business.


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