Check Out 4 Types Of Lucrative Business That You Will Love To Start

Check Out 4 Types Of Lucrative Business That You Will Love To Start

Getting a business idea is a bit simple but the capital to that the business is always the things we found difficult in life, especially those that don’t have money or anyone that will carter for their welfare.

There are a lot of lucrative businesses in Nigeria that will fetch you a lot of money. Some of the businesses are;

1 Selling of bags of rice and beans: This business is very lucrative. It is the type of business that requires enough capital to start. For one to engage in this type of business you need to rent a shop and have at least 200k at hand. Once you start it you will be making a lot of profit.

2 Restaurant Business: If you are a good cook this business is for you. But it requires consistency like waking up early in the morning to prepare what people will eat. This type of business is very profitable. Many people earn a living from it. The money needed to start up these people is like 20k or 50k depending on how you want it to look.

3 Pure Water ( Sachet Water) You can start up this business with as low as 10k or 5k What you will do is to buy it in wholesale then make an advert so that those people that do hawk pure water in the street will be coming to buy from you. Because you as an individual will be buying directly from the pure water company.

4 Charging of Phones: Charging phones and laptops is another profitable business one can start with as low as 20k to 30k. This type of business require a very sound generator. The best location for this type of business is at market side or street. Engaging yourself in this type of business, you need to be extra careful to avoid phone misplacement.

What do you have to say about these? Your comments are needed on these.


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