Connect To Locked Wi-Fi Hotspot Without Password.

Connect To Locked Wi-Fi Hotspot Without Password.

Connect To Locked Wi-Fi Hotspot Without Password.

So many times we run out of knowledge on the other hand there are usually WiFi networks around of which most are passworded. Especially for college kids .

This article is for educational purposes only, you should not use these tricks for doing any illegal activities.

In this article, therefore, you’ll find out how to attach to WiFi without an authentication process.

Most folks have ideas of WiFi and its functions. within the 2 easy steps below which are straightforward and straightforward , you’ll hook up with locked wifi without a password.

Step 1: attend SETTINGS in your smartphone, attend wifi, then more or the three vertical dot icon and look for the WPS push option and just tap thereon .

i.e Settings > WiFi > More or 3 vertical icon > Search WPS push > Tap.

Step 2: Also tap the WPS button on the backside of your router. Within some seconds, these both devices pairs up and your device will hook up with the available WiFi network.

Disclaimer: this text was written for educational purpose only. Don’t use the knowledge given during this article to try to to anything illegal.

NB: This trick won’t work if you do not have the router support option of WPS. It’s worth trying to attach to locked WiFi without Password.



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