Could This be The Time For Chelsea to Move Attention from EPL Title Race to Maintaining Top 4?

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Could This be The Time For Chelsea to Move Attention from EPL Title Race to Maintaining Top 4?

You would be probably right to think that it has gotten really ugly for the Blues with regard to the Premier League title race. After their 0-0 stalemate with Wolves on Sunday, a lot of their fans would be left with little to no hope for the trophy.

To make it clearer, as of 27th November, Chelsea was leading Manchester City with 3 points. By Monday 20th December, Manchester City is leading Chelsea with 6 points. It practically took about three weeks for the Blues to weaken their grip on the title race.

This is where things start getting scary. Arsenal, fourth on the table, are currently just same 6 points behind Chelsea.

As a matter of fact, if Manchester United win all their outstanding matches, they will be 5 points behind the Blues. This would make Chelsea closer to 4th position on the table than they are to 1st position.

Obviously, Chelsea are gradually drifting out of the top 4 spots on the EPL table. Perhaps, it is time they start looking behind their shoulders with more caution. It took them less than a month to drop from the top of the table to 6 points behind the leaders. With this their current poor run, how long will it take them to drop entirely out of the top 4 on the EPL table?

Do you think the Blues can maintain their position on the table currently?


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