Dessii Media Investment Review | Scam or Legit? Exposed 100%

Dessii Media Investment Review Scam or Legit Exposed 100%
Dessii Media Investment Review | Scam or Legit? Exposed 100%.

In this review i will be able to be treating a web money making platform which allows you to not perform task and obtain paid

Welcome to the Dessii Media Investment Review I’ll be letting you recognize all you would like to understand about this online money making platform and I’ll be also answering all of your questions concerning this platform during this review, especially the question of “is Dessiimedia real legit or scam?”.

Dessiimedia Investment is one among recent or young online money making platform which I even have discovered recently and is trying to urge popularity on the web .
Dessii Media Investment Review| Scam or Legit?

A major investor in racksterli just launched his own investment platform a couple of days ago called Dessii media investment and from my very own point of view it’s getting to be big and really legit and it’s here to remain for the future

Dessii Media Investment is an affiiliate and Investment platform which pays members 55% ROI on both simple and compound basis by engaging into forex, land , international trade and other copy investment entreprise.

Dessii media investment review
Now here’s why dessii media investment may be a far better choice, they are doing not offer daily tasks to their investors, withdrawal is completed after 30 days / 120 days upon investment.


According to the knowledge found on the dessi media Investment platform (, Investors aren’t required to perform any tasks on the platform so as to earn. All what’s needed is for the Investor to take a position his/money and watch because it grows.

How To Register?
Click on the register button, provide all the needed details, and click on register.

Get a coupon code

Contact one among the listed coupon vendors, make payment to the account details you’ll be supplied, contact same vendor to approve payment and obtain a coupon code after verification of payment.

How To Make Withdrawals For Your Money?

Withdrawals are processed within 24-48 hours upon applying for withdrawals. That I guarantee!

Dessii Media Investment Packages Are As Follow;


Amount: NGN 10,000

ROI: NGN 15,000


Amount: NGN 20,000

ROI: NGN 31,000


Amount: NGN 50,000

ROI: NGN 77,500


Amount: NGN 100,000

ROI: NGN 155,000


Amount: NGN 200,000

ROI: NGN 310,000


Amount: NGN 300,000

ROI: NGN 465,000


Amount: NGN 500,000

ROI: NGN 775,000


Amount: NGN 1,000,000

ROI: NGN 1,550,000


Amount: NGN 2,000,000

ROI: NGN 3,100,000


Amount: NGN 5,000,000

ROI: NGN 7,550,000

Now, Dessii Media Investment has another category of packages and it’s called;

Compound Packages
Silicon (Compound)

Amount: 100,000

ROI: NGN 577,000

Gold (Compound)

Amount: 200,000

ROI: NGN 1,154,000

Jewel (Compound)

Amount: 500,000

ROI: NGN 2,885,000

Pearl (Compound)

Amount: 1,000,000

ROI: NGN 5,770,000

Ruby (Compound) Dessii media investment review Dessii media investment review

Amount: 2,000,000 Dessii media investment review

ROI: NGN 11,540,000

To give you all my readers some boost of confidence to take a position in Dessii media, I personally invested within the Gold interest Package and I’m 101% sure of them to deliver their promises, so fear not and invest your money.



After reading how this platform works and also noting their enticing and mouthwatering offers or promises, subsequent thing that has got to be running through your mind is “Is this platform really Legit and price investing on? ” If this is often your question, just sit warmly and skim this section to deduce your answers.

FIRSTLY: The name of the CEO was said to be one Monday Desmond and his images and other details was also found.

SECONDLY, No company registration documents found on their website which suggests that this platform is presumably not Registered with any regulatory bodies.

THIRDLY, Their contact telephone number and email was found on their website and that we confirm this contact details to be reachable as at the time of scripting this article. But it should be noted that contact details are often shutdown at anytime just in case anything unfortunate happens.

FOURTHLY, The name of this platform was found to possess been registered on February 11th, 2021 and can expired on February 11th, 2022. Though name are renewable and extendable at anytime but we expect a platform aiming longevity to opt-in for a minimum of 2years name Registration.

FIFTHLY, consistent with a source, this platform was launched on February 15th, 2021 which makes it 9days old as at the time of scripting this Reviews. As a result, no payment proofs was found from any members yet since their Investment circle is 30Days.

CONCLUSION: Dessii Media Investment Review| Scam or Legit?
Dessii Media Investment Review| Scam or Legit?

We are unsure if this platform is Legit and paying as at the time of scripting this article because they’re still very new, But as witnessed previously in other Investment platforms, the first joiners usually benefits more, therefore the best time to take a position is now. Though Investing Online may be a matter of risks taking because a platform may shutdown at anytime and that’s why we always advised our readers to take a position wisely what they will afford to lose or not invest in the least .

Testimonies?? Complaints??? Experiences????| Dessii Media Investment Review| Scam or Legit?
Disclaimer: before I conclude this articles I did wish to say that i’m not working or in partnership with Dessii Media Investment. i’m only giving a review supported my experience and therefore the experiences from a reliable source.

Also, since this is often a review the content maybe displeasing and pleasing to some viewers. Note that i’m in no form trying to bring down the reputation or promote the reputation of Dessii Media Investment.

You are therefore liable for your own investment deals and transaction with Dessii Media Investment.

If you’ve got any testimonies personal base experiences complaints concerning Dessii Media Investment review then I did such as you to share with me.

You did help me write my next review concerning the location .

Please note comments testimonials and reviews use within the comment section isn’t from the owners of blog Paradise and thus we aren’t to be held responsible.


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