DNN income program and Complete registration Guide

DNN income program and Complete registration Guide  You keep hearing of scam income programs daily because the quest to make money online is gradually increasing.

DNN income program and Complete registration Guide

You keep hearing of scam income programs daily because the quest to make money online is gradually increasing. But does it mean we shouldn’t join income programs again? No it’s not

With the aid of all these income programs you will surely earn cool if you make your way cleared. (How)?

This is How i go about it: Join them as soon as they’re launched then stand a big chance of earning more.

Here again am going to introduce you to an income program which has been existing for some times now.

Dnn income program and How it functions

I have found this site that pays monthly, DNN Income program (Daily Naija News).

  • To join DNN Income program is with a one time investment of #800.
  • DNN Income program offers 75percent of the sign up fee as referral bonus i.e; If you refer someone and he pays the one time investment of#800, you will earn #500 as referral bonus
  • DNN Income program offers #2per comment you make on a post,#100 for Forum post (Post are always approved) #500 for a unique post, quality post. That means you can actually make#500 a day, interesting
  • DNN Income program also reward the most active member with a cash prize weekly(Note: The weekly reward is an encouragement for hard work, its outside your normal earning)
  • DNN Income program pays with or without Referrals.i.e; you must not have referral to get paid All eligible earnings will be summed up and paid on the (25th-27th) of every month

Actually monthly because they disburse payment from our monthly revenue),the minimum withdrawal is 2k. You can’t miss the opportunity to join I actually joined these program on the 20th of last month and on the 25th I was paid.

You can’t miss this opportunity, join the moving train. Firstly, chat up@ 08165984808(Ishaka Tejiri) on WhatsApp or call for coupon code, he’s an authorized and honest coupon code dealer, you only have to pay the #800 into his account and he will give you coupon code, having gotten your coupon code, follow below guides to register

Dnn Registration Guide

To join this program, Kindly follow below registration procedures and steps with screenshots.

Click on the registration Link and select the Add to Cart Button

Enter the Coupon code your have purchased on the area shown from below screenshot then click on Apply

After that navigate and click on continue to Checkout Button to finish your registration

the next page will show you billing Form so just fill in your details correctly then in the area of postal code use 320001

Having filled in your billing details, just scroll down and click on place order

having Completed the above steps, the next page will show up something of this nature which means your transaction has been completed all you have to do is wait for 1 to 2hrs maximum and your account will be activated.

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