Do You Want To Become Self Employed? Learn How To Produce Perfume For Sale

Everyone loves to smell nice. Wearing a nice perfume increase your self confidence. In this article, I will be teaching how to produce perfume.

Now let’s look at the chemicals needed (All the materials can be bought from any chemical shop) and quantities:

Raw perfume 20ml

Alcohol 20 ml

Gylcerin 5 ml

Color (As you wish)

Raw perfume is the main fragrance.

There are different types of fragrance, Examples are Caprice, vanilla, passion, seductive, mallizia, happiness, bakhur, 212, Casablanca etc. Choose any fragrance you desire.

Also, there are different types of alcohol, these are methanol and ethanol.

Ethanol is more volatile than methanol, so the volatility of your perfume will depend on the type of alcohol used.

Glycerin retains the perfume color, it makes the perfume to last longer on a surface e.g cloth or skin. Excess glycerin will make your perfume oily.

Color, adding color to perfume is not usually good, it might stain clothes, so i will advise you do not use it.

Procedure: Measure the amount of glycerin to taste. Add the stated alcohol in it and shake vigorously, add the stated amount of essential oil, shake also and allow for 24 hours. This will enable the full fragrance to come out. Apply the perfume on your skin, it should be mild on your skin not harsh.

Note: If you measure equal amount of alcohol with raw perfume, it is ratio of 1:1 e.g 20ml of raw perfume and 20ml of alcohol. Otherwise, 1.2 is 20ml of raw perfume and 40ml of alcohol. So use this ratio for larger quantities, package and sell.

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