Earn Up to 3,000 Daily On Cowrywise App and Site – Cowrywise Review

Earn Up to 3,000 Daily On Cowrywise App and Site Cowrywise Review.   Back to back we have been making post and writing some article on how you can earn
Earn Up to 3,000 Daily On Cowrywise App and Site Cowrywise Review.

Back to back we have been making post and writing some article on how you can earn from some platform like piggyvest, kuda app, Baxi app, chipper cash app and more which this seems to be related to some of this platform stated above and they said to pay their customers who work as stated some one time payout per person or per work they said to be done by them cowrywise pays and we are about to talk about them now.

What is Cowrywise?

Cowrywise is a platform which is related to platforms like piggyvest, kuda platform and more others all alone there customers to save some amount of money with them and get some rewards for saving on the platform which have some similar or different specifications that we are about to talk about now.

Since our main aim is to know how to earn from this platform do we go straight to the process and let you know how you can earn from the platform straight forward.


The earning process on cowrywise is by doing cowrywise referral, that is you earn some amount of money for the person you bring to register to the platform so before you can get to do this you also need to be a member of the platform. Let’s go about that.


How To Register On Cowrywise
To be a member on cowrywise or to register on cowrywise likewise to sign-up on cowrywise follow below steps:

  1. Click here to head up to to the sign-up page.Cowrywise sign-up page
  2. You will be provided with some form to fill which range from your full name, email, password and also referral code if necessary.
  3. The referral code is said to be the person referral that invite you to the program  ALIYU957 if you are being asked to provide one.
  4. If you are not being asked, go ahead and proceed with the registration.
  5. Hit the sign-up or continue button once you finish filling the form provided.
  6. In order, you will be asked to provide you BVN (Bank Verification Number)  if possible.
  7. It’s just for verification as the name implies go ahead and provide it and let the details you provide tally with your BVN details.
  8. And complete, then  you have a successful register and sign up on cowrywise.
  9. You will receive a confirmation message on the email you use to register on cowrywise.
  10. Go ahead and visit the mail to activate your email to the account.

What else now is to link your ATM card or Bank Details to your cowrywise account, we will treat that below because it both entails how you can make payment on cowrywise straight with your ATM.

Note: The BVN and Bank account  details or ATM you link to your cowrywise account are 100% safe for not body will temper with your account through the details you provide to the platform so feel free to provide them with anything you are being asked to provide on the platform.


How To Make Payment On Cowrywise

As we said earlier you have to link your card before you can make any payment on cowrywise so by doing the process of linking your card you will be charged 100 which will earn you 250 registration bonus.

That is once the 100 has been deducted from your account view the ATM you link to your cowrywise account then you will earn N250 straight to your account.

Now Follow up with the process to link your carn below :


  1. After you have successfully registered and logged-in to your account on the cowrywise site.Cowrywise payment menu
  2. Click on the menu button that can be located at the top left site of the web page.
  3. Now slide to the sub menu named Payment hit on it.
  4. Then you will see two option menus on the next page that you will be led to.
  5. First one said link your ATM card and second said link your Bank to your cowrywise account.Cowrywise ATM Card Menu bar
  6. Click on the Atm link option and provide your Atm details on the place provided.Cowrywise card details
  7. Which entails your ATM card number, Date And Month that the card will expire and the security number that can be found on the back of the card.
  8. Now you will be asked to provide your Atm card pin and one time OTP code will be sent to your alert line.
  9. Paste the otp on the box provided for it and continue with the transactions.
  10. Once the transaction is successful N100 will be deduced from your account.
  11. That all you have successfully linked your ATM card with your cowrywise account.Cowrywise Atm card linked

You will be sent a complete transaction mail view the email you use to register your cowrywise account and you will be asked to view the app which is also recommended you download the cowrywise app from there and log-in with your details once you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the app on your device.

Cowrywise email notification

What else now is to know how to increase our earning on that account which is strictly through referral and its said to be 250 per person you brought up to register on the platform which is cool just refer them and make sure they register through your referral link and they should also Link both there BVN and ATM to there cowrywise account then you both stand a chance to earn N250  just like chipper cash but this is different because it’s seems to be instant payment.

Cowrywise referral bonus

How To Get Cowrywise Referral Link Or Code

  • To get your cowrywise referral code or link simply.


  • Click on the top left menu button that can be found on the front-page of the cowrywise site.Cowrywise referral page
  • Then hit the referral sub menu you found there.


  • From there you will be provided with your cowrywise referral link and code.Cowrywise referral link and code
  • You can then copy it and share with your friends that you will like to invite to the platform.


  • Or just after you log-in to your cowrywise account on the home or on your cowrywise dashboard.


  • Scroll down a little, and you will see an option that said you will get 250 per person you referral to the platform.

Cowrywise referral bonus

  • Hit on it and you will be provided with a page to get your referral code and link.

That’s all about that start inviting your friends and make them follow all appropriate steps and procedures stated above they you stand a chance to both N250 upon completion of the register and complete of linking of BVN and AtM to there cowrywise account referral bonus and registration bonus.


It’s just simple logic . If you successfully refer 10 people you earn 2,500 and 11 people earn you 3,000. That is enough for a daily job. For you to earn 3000 a day throughly is not easy but you should work for it and you will get paid.

Cowrywise paid if you do what they ask you to do as stated to there payment policy and you can withdraw the money to your main local account once you’ve successfully accumulate enough through referral.

So what are you still waiting for? Go join cowrywise now and start earning cool cash by doing some easy work online that will cover up Alot for you.

How To Withdraw On Cowrywise

  1. To withdraw on cowrywise you need to link your bank account as we said earlier to do so.
  2. Click on the payment menu as stated above before then click on link bank.
  3. Then you will be asked to provide your bank account number and account name.
  4. Then hit save after it has been verified as a valid account.
  5. Now to withdraw you need to click on any plan you are then hit the withdraw button if you are eligible.
  6. The input amount you want to withdraw and it will be sent to the account details you provide above.
  7. That’s all about the withdrawal process on cowrywise.
How much have you earned so far on the platform?

Let’s now view the comments section and remember to support and share us with your friends if you like us and what we are doing.


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