Easy Way To Open a MoMo PSB Account and Get Instant N100

How to Open a MoMo PSB Account and Get Instant N100

How to Open a MoMo PSB Account and Get Instant N100

Just last week, MTN began full operation of MoMo PSB digital bank, which you can fluently open your own particular account in seconds, buy cards, data, and pay bills.
How to Open Momo PSB Account
To open a MoMo portmanteau, telephone * 671# using any mobile number, choose a four- number leg and voila, you have successfully opened a MoMo PSB portmanteau and your phone number is now your account number. You ’ll be given a free N100 which you can incontinently use to recharge or buy data directly from your momo portmanteau.

How to shoot plutocrat using a MoMo portmanteau
To shoot plutocrat to a dealer, friend or family member on MoMo portmanteau, all you need is their phone number and you can shoot plutocrat seamlessly.
What services are available on MoMo
Through your MoMo portmanteau, you can shoot plutocrat to any mobile phone in the country as well as buy airtime/ data and pay bills.
How to withdraw cash from your MoMo portmanteau
To withdraw cash from your portmanteau, visit a MoMo Agent. With an extensive agent network of over,000 active agents and digitized cooperation structure, you can be sure to find a MoMo Agent near you!

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