Easy Ways To Make Money In Nigeria

 Easy Ways To Make Money In Nigeria
Easy Ways To Make Money In Nigeria.


Contests and giveaway are other things you can engage in to be able to earn. Though this one may not depend on you but whenever its about to take place, you can also get involved. Example; the weekend giveaway prices on IBT forum group on Facebook when your comment gets the highest like.

Advert With Property_

You can make this a side job from where you can develop passive income. Your properties are yours therefore you have the right to use them how you like. Placing adverts of different companies and websites on your property, let’s say your car, can generate you some money. You could be a taxi driver. As a taxi driver you can paint your car with advertisements an earn from the people you advertise their product for.


This is another great way of making passive income especially if you can schedule your time for this job very well. Example you may have to babysit the child on weekends or in the evening if you work during the day.

Dog Walking and Petting_

If you love animals then this can perfectly work for you. Pet sitting if flexible because you can decide when to do it since it won’t be done every time and it is easy to do and even enjoyable.


You can open barbing saloon of any size and quality where people can have their haircut. This type of business may not require a huge capital to start but surely you can earn huge in the long run if you manage it well.

Plait hair_

Nowadays, hair plaiting business requires almost nothing to start. And any man or woman can successfully do it and earn money from it. Its challenge it may pose to you is your ability to learn various ways to plait different kinds of hairstyle.


This is an interesting job you can do. Buying newspapers, magazines etc from various production units at low prices and selling them to the public at a bigger price to make big profit for yourself. Though this may be an interesting job, it has its own challenges

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