Eba Is Not The Only Food That Can Be Prepared From Garri, See 2 Snacks That You Can Make From It

Eba Is Not The Only Food That Can Be Prepared From Garri, See 2 Snacks That You Can Make From It

Garri is the most common food in Nigeria, it is a food that most Nigerians cannot do without.

Garri is made from cassava and that makes it cheap. Garri can be enjoyed as a swallow meal, or it can be enjoyed as just a snack. Some people also love enjoyed soaking garri with water and enjoying it with groundnut, sugar and other snacks.

Garri is one of the cheapest food in Nigeria and Nigerians love it.

But no matter how much we love garri, sometimes we might get tired of enjoying it as a swallow or a snack. In Nigeria swallow is the most common food, that can be made from garri. Although there are other delicacies and snacks that you can make from garri, but most people have not discovered it.

Today i have 2 delicious snacks that can be made with garri, and I thought of sharing them with you. These snacks are snacks that are used to everyone, the first one is sold by people who sell roadside snacks, but what people don’t know is that Garri is what is used in preparing it.

So let’s get started on the preparation process.


Ingredients You Need


Dry Milk

Powder Sugar

Dry Grinded Pepper


Any Vegetable Oil Of Your Choice

Salt To Taste

Now let’s get started on the preparation process

Step One

Fill a pot or kettle with water and boil it.

Step 2

Measure two cups of garri and put it into a bowl, add half cup of sugar(you can reduce or increase it to your taste), add one cup of your dry milk, and add salt and dry grinded pepper to taste.

Step Three

Stir to combine all the ingredients, get the hot water, and use the mixed garri to prepare your normal eba.

Step Four

Now break about two to three eggs into another bowl and whisk.

Step Five

Now mix the eggs with the eba, you can use your hand or wooden turner for this.

Step Six

Leave the eba and egg mixture to cool for twenty minutes.

Step 7

Now start rolling the eba into any shapes that you want. You can roll it into the shapes in the picture below.

Step Eight

Place a pan on fire, pour in some vegetable oil and allow the oil to heat up.

Step Nine

Now fry your mould eba in the oil, but be careful when adding them because they are soft and they might break.

Step Ten

Fry your rolled eba till the colour turns into a golden brown colour, and your garri snacks is ready to enjoy.

If you have leftover eba at home and you want to prepare this snack, then don’t worry because I will show you how to prepare this snack, from left over eba.

Step One

Boil some hot water and pour it into the left over eba.

Step Two

Add milk, sugar, Pepper and salt to taste.

Step Three

Now break your eggs into a bowl, whisk the eggs and add it to the eba then mix the eba and the ingredients, it is advisable to use your hands for this because, spoon or spatula will not be able to combine the eba with the ingredients. If the eba is very strong, put it in a pot and put on the fire, and stir it in the fire. This method will heat up the eba and soften it.

Step Four

After mixing the eba with the ingredients, keep it for twenty minutes to cool, and mould into any shapes you want then fry it in a hot oil.

Your delicious garri snack is ready to enjoy.


Garri Chin chin

Garri Chin chin is another delicious snack that can be made from garri, it is different from the normal Chin chin and it is crunchy but it is delicious.

Ingredients You Need




Vegetable Oil

The Preparation Process

Step One

Pour two cups of garri in a bowl, add half cup of sugar, break two eggs and mix it with the garri, and use your hands to make the garri and the eggs form into clumps.

Step Two

Put a pan on fire, pour in the garri clumps and fry until it turns into a golden brown colour, and your garri Chin chin is ready to enjoy.

With these snacks you don’t have to get tired of eating garri, and you don’t have to throw your left over eba away.

Prepare these snacks whenever you want and enjoy yourself.

What do you think of these delicious snack, do you think you can try them out or have you try them before.

Please drop a comment telling us your opinion using the comment section.

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