Elrond Airdrop: Earn Free eGold Upto $200 Worth Of Elrond

Elrond Airdrop: Earn Free eGold Upto $200 Worth Of Elrond.      Trust wallet is one of the best blockchain wallet which upto 5 millions people make use of worldwide
Elrond Airdrop: Earn Free eGold Upto $200 Worth Of Elrond.


Trust wallet is one of the best blockchain wallet which upto 5 millions people make use of worldwide to store their crypto and said to be well secured, Elrond which his cryptocurrency is called eGlod and is being listed on trust wallet which make them to announce airdrop giveaway upto $30,000 to anybody that open and get a elrond wallet view trust wallet upto $200 eGold is said to be redeemed to each person.



Elrond is one of the latest cryptocurrency which is trending online and it’s also being listed currently on one of largest platforms which people trade crypto on and it’s said to feature the eGold cryptocurrency as of now..



What Is Elrond (eGold)?

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eGold is a cryptocurrency why elrond is the general name given to the cryptocurrency which is owned and founded or the CEO is named Biniamin Mincu which is being stated on tweets and Elrond is said to be one of the fast growing cryptocurrency which already features best cryptocurrency platform and wallet like.

Biniamin Mincu CEO Of Elrond

Biniamin Mincu CEO Of Elrond

The Binance, Trust wallet, exchange and more.

Elrond coin on


Recently trust wallet just announced the crypto being added to their platform which makes them add and provide the airdrop giveaway upto $30,000 worth of eGold let’s check it out..


According To Trust Wallet



The above tweet already explains some parts to us but we are still going to explain in detail.



Normally elrond have their official website which is name which you can from their get update about the eGold and get to create your wallet from there but if you already have a trust wallet already you can ignore the creation of the wallet and add elrond address to your trust wallet to get to it.



How To Get The Elrond Airdrop Giveaway ($200 eGold)

  1. Click here to get to the trust wallet elrond airdrop page.
  2. Which some well message and procedures to get the airdrop will be provided to you.Elrond Airdrop Enroll page
  3. Read true and follow the guide and steps.
  4. Once you reach the final page you will be asked to provide your elrond wallet address or eGold wallet address.TrustWallet eGLD Address
  5. Procedures to get your wallet address view view trust wallet and elrond platform will be stated above this guide.
  6. Once you submit the wallet you will see the final page as shown below.



It’s recommended to link the airdrop page with your twitter account is 100% secured and safe.



How To Get TrustWallet eGLD Address (Elrond Coin)How To Get TrustWallet eGold Address

  • Download the Trust wallet from here if you haven’t before.
  • And if you have before is highly recommended to update the app or apk from play store.
  • After you have successfully installed or updated your trust wallet.
  • Open it and add the eGold coin tap or eGLD coin tap on the wallet by following the step.
  • On the top right Corner of the trust wallet menu you will find a switch button their clicks on it.Trust wallet elrond address eGLD coin
  • And top on the search bar then search for Elrond which will bring you upto 5 or 4 results.
  • The eGold coin which is a tag eGLD coin is the one that you will enable using the enable button.
  • And after you’ve enabled it click and the coin tap and select receive.
  • After that click on copy then a eGold wallet address will be copied to your clipboard.
  • The address is said to start from erd1******* and others.Receive trust wallet elrond airdrop
  • Copy the wallet address and go ahead paste the on the trust wallet airdrop giveaways page.
  • Confirm the robot tap and activate your wallet.TrustWallet eGLD Address
  • Then you will get a message as show below.


Automatically you have successfully gotten a trust wallet elrond coin wallet address, eGLD wallet address and the $200 worth of eGold coin be deposited to your wallet once the airdrop has been distributed by elrond view trust wallet.



To know how to create a normal elrond wallet address follow the guide below.



How To Get An Elrond Wallet Address (eGold Address)


  • Trust wallet eGLD and Elrond wallet address are different but work in the same ways.
  • So to get a Elrond normal wallet address get the elrond official page click here to visit.
  • And create an account before you do that once you reach their official web page.
  • Find the option menu and click on the wallet from there you will be asked to create and account.
  • Click to create and you will be provided with a 24 phrae key which is stated to be written or save someone safe.
  • All for account verification, that is how a normal blockchain account is created.
  • Now hit the next button and you will be asked to provide part of the phrase key to complete your account settings.
  • After the confirmation is done then you will be asked to provide your password log-in.
  • And you will be granted access to your elrond wallet account which you can get your eGlod wallet address from just like a trust wallet eGLD address.


That’s all about that, let us know if you have gotten your own eGold coin and join our official airdrop alert telegram channel to get a fast alert about any latest airdrop out there.

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