Fast Uprising Businesses in Nigeria

Fast Uprising Businesses in Nigeria
Fast Uprising Businesses in Nigeria.

Be for you start any business, you should be able to answer questions like what i love doing i.e. what you have passion for that come rain or sunshine you will stick to, nurture carefully and watch it grow. You know in business, there are ups time and downs time, passion will help you persevere. In other words, list you interest, skills and access you personality. Your environment: Is that business going to sell in your planned location of establishment? This also matters a lot as what will sell in location A might not be a good choice for location B. What will be your plan for the business? Do you have a goal to achieve? Will you like it to be incorporated? Do you intend to sustain the business or just need a business that will be sustaining you until you get a pay job?

These are things you should try out


A used Sony PlayStation that comes with two-player pads falls between the price of #48, 000 and #50, 000 on Jumia and you just need one. You may just spend the rest of your 100k capital on a power generator and a rental fee of a video gaming room. I believe you are already aware of how much time and money people spend playing games these days.


Information Communication Technology is a broad industry with sub-industries at its tentacles. And as the name implies, ICT demands an expert’s technicalities in almost all of its sub-industries. Making it an industry with so many opportunities but with less enough qualified players. But all things being equal, there are still some ICT opportunities that are not so technicalities-demanding. So in case you’re not really techy, these listed ICT businesses are as fast-growing as technology advancement today.


There’s apparently no man on earth today with no favorite football club or a favorite sport. Except maybe you! The most obvious fact that people prefer watching football matches in viewing centers with their club friends then leaves you with a lucrative business. Especially if you’re urban area-based. It will surprise you on finding out you don’t need to spend more than half your 100k capital to get started.


Have a thing for gadgets? Your passion may get you rich if you could open a computer accessories retail store around the street. You can start small, reinvest your capital and profit and grow over time. Aside from being the best business for 100k capital, you may as well include phone recharging in your venture.


Why I have put these two businesses together is the similarity between them. All things equal you may go for just any one of the two you’re convenient with. And you may equally go for the two even with no hairdressing or barbering skill in as much as there are people out there ready to work under you for a fee. All in all, they are two lucrative businesses with less than 100, 000 capital and you can always expect sales to be through the roof,


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