Financial Freedom: 7 Basic Steps to become Wealthy with your Income

Financial Freedom: 7 Basic Steps to become Wealthy with your Income

In our world where there are times and season, when natural order that change and direct our course of actions is always found, which man has no power over. The only chance we have to change this phenomenon or situation is individual choice. It is a popular believes that the poor will always be in the system for the rich to exist. But to be poor or remained poor has now become an individual choice which can be change when one decided to.

The road to wealth is said to be narrow. But, I rather used the word daring and risky which only the determined few can take. Everyone has the choice to determine the direction of his/her present situation. For anyone who wants to be seen as being rich, must learn to guard his income which his/her seed into wealth creation.

Financial Empowerment as the key to Wealth.

Financial empowerment is when you as an income earner can build up your own wealth from your income so as to become wealthy in no time. Wealth start as a mere seed that was accumulated over a period of time, invested in a good venture in order to earn more for the investor. Even as a big time investor, you can spread and maintain your wealth through what you are presently generating. The question now is, are you making or trying to make money? If you are making money, are you trying to spend it or you are trying to save some? When you receive money what do you do with it?

Let your Desire give you Direction.

Your thinking on money should be your driving force on how to work to make money. Apart from thinking on how to make money, also try to reduce your meditation on ways of spending your hard earned money and increase your thinking on how to invest it. This will help you to have a focus on how to achieve your set goal. One thing you should bear in mind is when you focus your mind on investment strategies your thought will definitely give birth to investment plan and such plan when fully implemented will definitely yield the desire result; if they were properly drawn. Most people are only living in their present state without future plan and nothing to fall back on when the future come calling on them. Always think of what you should do to attract money into your life through investment as money freely come to those who are fully prepared for it. You most understand that opportunity is a haughty goddess that waste no time with those unprepared. People that think, there is no money can never make it in life no matter how hard they try, but those who say, there is money even when they have not reach it are the those that goes all the way to make it in life.

Get the Power to Predict your Future Income

It is much easier to say how much is your income per time i.e. the amount of money you will receive at the end of the month or the amount of money that will come into your account. But when it involves predicting your expenses, it becomes so difficult because there are so many external factors that influence your expenses. Then it will definitely be better to pay more attention to increasing your income, even though try to reduce your expenses is equally important. Because sometimes, there will be some inevitable circumstances which might be beyond your control. In such a situation your best option is to put in place a system that will help you to create more cash flow into your account on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. This is because records had shown that leaving your finances in the hands of the future is like planting seeds in a field without weeding and expecting a good harvest thereafter. Wealth for the future must be built from your income generated today.

Know Where to Put your Income to build Wealth.

Although the global economic meltdown severely affected the three main investment market, the stock market, the property and real estate market and the oil and gas industry. These represent the ultimate market areas where wealth is made in a large scale when it comes to investment. For instance, people will always live in houses; hence the real estate must always exist. People must produce goods and render services; therefore people must put their money in growing companies that produce such goods by investing in their shares. For oil and gas business, people must use energy to move around, or prepare food and maintain their machine that uses oil or gas. Therefore whether, it is in recession or in time of plenty, money must exchange hands in these three basic industries i.e. they will always remain the highest source of income generation for many.

Although, in the real estate and the petroleum industries, investment can undulate, the opportunities to invest in form of cash or start up capital for investment is some how high that small investors can’t participate, leaving only the stock market as the last option for small investors. The stock market offers a level playing ground for all manner of investors. Both the big capital investors and small income earners have a good capacity for weekly, monthly or yearly investment returns depending on their level of risk. You most understand that investment is a risk that most taken to move from one level to another financially as the market offers a time of plenty and a time of scarcity, a time to plant and a time harvest what was planted. It is what you do with the market that matter most; your ability to discern the time is the major key to your success.

Know what Steps to take before Investing your Income.

Failure to prepare they say is preparing to fail. The first thing you should to understand when thinking about investing your money is to draw a scale of preference with respect to your money utility. And also have a priority list, this is to guide you to utilize your hard earn income wisely. Invest in your preparation by creating enough time to plan; your foremost mindset should be investment plan in whatever endeavor you are. Remove your seed from your income before spending whatever portion is left. Also do your obligation to God by paying your tithe regularly. Never allow all your income to be use to clear debt or be wasted in unfruitful means.

Develop the ability to make money from your income during your active working days and multiplying it in such a way that you would not have to think about your monthly income again, because your investment will be generating enough returns to sustain your present expenses. This should be your ultimate desire before deciding what investment option that is suitable for you.

Many don’t always realize that tomorrow may be long and they will always need their today’s investment for their tomorrow operations.

Set a Goal for your Income

One thing you should remember is that money only comes when preparations and plan of action is in place. Whenever you are not prepared, money will avoid your direction. Men that say there is no money can’t make it in life. But those that say there is money, even when it has not reached them, are the one that make it. You most have a set goal of what you want to achieve.

1. What do you want to achieve in life with what you are doing right now.

2. What are the steps, you need to take to make your income achieve it set goals?

These questions will helps to focus your attention on your set goals which is your investment plan.

Implementing your Investment Plan.

If you have not yet developed investment strategies, don’t even think of taking up any investment responsibility; neither should you think of stock market pending when you have develop one. When you have planned on how to utilize your financial proceeds for reinvestment, please don’t withdraw from your saving except you have listed what you want to expend the money on because discipline is the keyword for stock trading especially, if you are a high risk investment taker. You most write down what to use the money for. In planning to use part of your income for investment, ensure you first write out what your salary and income are and then, outline all your expenditure. When that is done, the rest is for your investment. If what is left is too small, introduce a saving plan that will lead to investment plan.


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