Gadgets That Are Worth Buying for all student

Gadgets That Are Worth Buying for all student
Gadgets That Are Worth Buying for all student.

Flash Drive Pen

This pen combines two much needed items into one. It’s not only a stylish pen but also a USB drive holding up to 64GB of data depending on the model.

You can store and protect photo, videos and important work files which is conveinent for working, studing, traveling and so on.

To different connection USB ports are compatible with almost all devices besides it also can be used as a pen and easily be carried anywhere you want.

Graphic Calculator

Before your very eyes is a portable calculator for solving math problems. The calculator is in variety of fun colours equipped with a colour display and with 12 powerful apps, it can be charged via USB port.

Smart Pen

Take the stress out of exams and meet smart Pen. Record, say, draw and write everything that you hear while linking the audio record to your note to replay the audio from that moment, the free echo desktop app saves everything to your computer. It has 2GB battery capacity.

Smart Phone Controller

Connect the controller via Bluetooth which allows you to control your phone without even touching it, it has a special app needed for controlling your phone with a filter label in which you can keep your phone in without others seeing your phone, you can just keep it in your legs to conceal it from site.

Rolling Paper Pen

It has a clip located at the side that can be pulled turning your pen into a secret note storage, whenever you release the clip the paper goes back so you don’t have to worry about being caught. You can now take tests with total confidence keeping it rolling.

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