Here Are 2 Jobs You Can Create On Your Own And Earn Big

 Here Are 2 Jobs You Can Create On Your Own And Earn Big.

As schools are resuming soon, and parents have to do their responsibilities again and this times it might be a little difficult due to the post covid 19 situations, and what covid 19 has caused.

In this article am writing on 2 ways you can earn a dependable amount from home and so you can stop looking for jobs:

1. Sell online
There’s nothing like knowing your actual income for a particular task you do, because that gives you the spirit to perform more and also to do it perfectly.

Selling online starts with:

1. Importation of products (You can import from China, US, Turkey etc) or your own product, if you have any. (Arrive without 1-2 weeks)

2. Then you can use a website or WhatsApp for contact.

3. Do a proper advertisement to display your products to customers online in a specific area, after that you begin to sell.

Here’s it, I prefer China, their products are cheaper and easy Importation and fast shipping.

So let’s do some calculations:

You import 100 pieces of basketball sports wear for children which cost ¥14 (China currency) and which is approximately 775.6 naira in Nigeria currency, but let’s use 800 for easy calculation. (1 Yuan is currently 55.4 naira) and kids sports wear is ¥14 in Chinese stores (I will give you specific best stores for you to begin next stage class)

So if you import 100 pieces and the shipping, custom and agent fee per one equals 150.

That’s 950, then 950 x 100 pieces = 95,000.

Then you begin selling in Nigeria as I explained above, advertise will cost you around 5,000 for specific days.

So, everything equal 100,000 naira.

Then you start selling for 2000 per one which is currently 3000-4500 on jumia.

2000 x 100= 200,000 , you made a profit of 100,000 and if you sell 2500 that’s 250,000. The easy part here is that online market sells fast as many sees it.

If you want to know how to do the advert, get the China website, the agent numbers and a video of how to order and everything to start importing and selling drop comments below and i will reply you.

2. Begin Blogging
Blogging has changed many lives today and is still changing, you can earn online by writing news or whatever content you know people will read, with proper advertisement which will yield viewers, then money won’t be your problem, with 50k you can start this and succeed.


1. You need a website with blogger or wordpress, I recommend blogger if you don’t have much money and WordPress if you are prepared with enough cash.

2. A domain that’s for blogger, wordpress offers domains themselves if not with

3. Write interesting contents and consistently.

4. Advertise your blog on Facebook or Instagram.

5. Set up a AdSense or Adcash account for your blog, advertise again.

6. Now keep on writing and watch your money flow, that’s how most blogger and writers get money from, so don’t wonder how? start now.

If you want a full lesson on how to begin any of the above business, the cost, or the training.


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