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Here’s How to avoid charges during fund transfer to other banks

Here's  How to avoid charges during fund transfer to other banks
Here’s How to avoid charges during fund transfer to other banks.

How To Avoid Bank Charges When Transferring Money To Other Banks In Nigeria.

With the digital age coming into surfacing in our everyday life, transferring of cash would want to be made easier and so instead of going ti the banks to write on bank tellers, its quite much easier to do your transfer with your mobile phone. Nevertheless, with the use of the mobile banking applications and other banking services, comes with the charges which the customers are entitled to.


However, in this article you will learn how to avoid these charges of probably N10, N20 and the rest when making your transfers and believe me it’s a lot easier and faster.

All you have to do is to carry out your transfers through your Opay app and then you will not be asked to pay any charge. Download the Opay app and register. Know that Opay is a company owned by Opera so there is no form of fear as to whether your cash may get missing or so. After registering you can add money to your Opay via your bank mobile app. Just look for Paycom and send your cash there.

So whenever you want to do transfers, you don’t have to pay bank charges as usual, although you’ll have to pay a bank charge to transfer to your Opay account at first. But if you’re into the cashless policy something to the core, this might just be for you to avoid those charges.

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