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High Paying Jobs With No Startup Funds

Have you been unemployed and tired of been broke worry no more for I am here to help you identify

Have you been unemployed and tired of been broke worry no more for I am here to help you identify. The best small business ideas for you to say good bye to poverty and unemployment although finding the best one is not as easy as said. It may look like all business ideas have been taken by individuals around you but u can still make a lot of money if you follow the simple steps I am about to show you with the right idea and determination and persistence the sky will be your starting point

Here is a list of small business for you

1 home maintenance

If you have any experience working for a. Company or in a shop that does repairs you can fairly easily start your own maintenance business right from home and surely you will have people trooping down to you to have their appliances done

2 Freelance writer

If you have a good writing skill you can start your own fairly writing business by offering your services to business on a freelancer basis

3 blogger

You can also start your blogging career with your laptop or cell phone. Where you post your topics that match up with your ideology

4 home cleaning service

If you can clean very well and enjoy cleaning you can as well start a house cleaning business it’s a pretty straightforward path

5 child care services

If you are good in caring for kids you can as well start your child care services right from home


6 errand service

You can start a business that run many errand for people like picking up drying cleaning or helping with getting groceries and delivering messages for people

7 social media influencer

You could help people build up their social media accounts and earn a living from that

8 web designer

If you have knowledge about web design you can comfortably offer your services to client and make good money from that

9 painter

If you are a good painter you can render your services to client who are willing to pay you huge amount of money to paint their apartment

10 event planner

If you are friendly you can build a career with event planner for people. For burials,marriages and other social events

11 makeup artist

You can build up good relationship with your friends and neighbors to offer makeup services and watch how you will exploit with lots of clients mostly weekend

12 photographer

You can offer photography services for event for local client and make a lot of money from it

13 car washing service

Car washing is a service neglected but if you. Start a career in it you will smile to bank everyday

14 public speaker

If you are vocally sound and have experience in topics that is of interest you can become a good public’ speak and make a lot of Money from it

15 dance instructor

If you are a good dancer you can offer you service to a whole lot of people and make good money from it

16 house keeper

If you prefer working out of home you can start a business as a housekeeper and make a lot of money from it

17 ebooks author

Writing book is as easy as ABC. Depends on your vision

18 pool cleaner

You can start a career in pool cleaning and make a huge difference in the service and smile to bank and it requires little or no experience

19 resume service

You can help people seeking for local jobs and help in putting together their resumes and cover pages and letters

20 translator

As long as you can read and write starting a career in translating for client will be a great service to them and end up smiling to your bank

Now that you have seen all the business idea you can start with. Little or no capital.

choose wisely and start earning a living for yourself and employ others, add your comments.

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