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High Paying Online Jobs That Nobody Is Talking About

High Paying Online Jobs That Nobody Is Talking About

You can actually make a living without a Traditional Job; there are high paying online jobs that nobody is talking about.-   Create a business plan – write it down, what the business is going to sell, how the product will help your customers, how to market and deliver the products to the customers.

–   Market research –demand for your product, whether people want your product, connect people on social media, give people a call, a text, a chat, find a group of people of demographic group of the target business

–    Develop your product- health coach, outline your coaching plan, consulting services can also be done with your phone. Make online course and upload on teachable, write an ebook.

–  Create a website or alternative like instagram where people will go and purchase your product.

–  Grow your team

Decide what kind of business you can start with your cell phones or if you don’t have a lot of resources. Few specific ideas in making money with your phone include:

Content Marketer

Content marketing means you use content such as using article or video to attract the right people to your business. You can use your phone to record a video and upload it on YouTube to attract customers. Use Ads managers to advertiseThis not a complete list, there are many other type of businesses you can start but this is to give you idea of a starting place, freelance opportunities such as:


Mind you, everyone started without these skills, everyone starts at zero, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t have any among these skills. It might even be possible you have been practicing these skills without knowing and you haven’t been monetizing it, a time has come for you to earn from your hidden talent. Learn any of these skills if you want to earn hourly to support your family.

Learn these skills if you want to earn hourly rate working from the comfort of your home. You can learn these skills if you put your mind to it.

The more Niche you are, the more specialized you are in the work that you do, the more you will be a White Colar worker, the more higher hourly rate you can earn.

Premium freelancer jobs

You walk up to clients, you provide service to do those jobs. There are many types of Freelance but not all of them pay well. Few premium well paying Freelance jobs include. Writing, Editing, Podcast Production, Coding, Marketing, Video Editing, Audio Engineering, Podcast Management and different types of Social Media Management

Digital Marketing

Here, you help them reach their customers and make money, and they will be willing to pay you pretty good hourly rate or a package rate every single month for your services. In digital marketing, you can also help them on different social media platforms or with their email marketing or with hosting webinars.

Coding / Programming

There are a lot of different type of coding and programming you could do from the comfort your home. For example, coding languages, you could help your clients create App or build websites; the sky is really the limit. This job has so much potential these days because there’s a big demand for coders/programmers as the internet is continuing to explode and there are more and more mobile applications, the market is becoming more and more competitive. Every business these days needs to have a website or App. You can learn this skill and become a highly paid Freelancer.


I’m specifically talking about editing writing. We live in the age of content, and people are writing articles for the web, books, etc. After someone writes anything, they need someone else to go over it, to make sure it looks good after Publish. You can earn great hourly rate as an Editor if you are good at this.


General writing doesn’t pay all that well, writings that pay a lot better include Copywriting for Ads (Advertising), Technical writing, you can earn between $1 and $5 per word that you write. Meaning 5,000 words can earn you $5,000. This is usually the rate paid to copywriters in marketing industry.

Video Editing

This involves, people record videos like YouTube or those use for Movies. The videos has to be edited which has mistakes to remove and turn into a polished finished production.

Audio Engineering

This can mean a lot different things. You can do Audio Engineering for video production, Podcast Production or to make songs. Special if you want to make more money as an Audio Engineer

Podcast Production

A lot of new/old Podcasters need help for their shows. Take care of anything that has to do with making the episodes, including, sometimes planning the podcast Episode, and always editing and doing Audio Engineering is required and adding in their promotional clips they want to be included, as well as adding in music in the Podcast shows themselves.

Podcast Management

This has to do with managing the show as a whole. That is, getting a show created and out into the world, Podcast Manager help their client, plan the episodes, get them produced, and also publish them on Podcast streaming services

Social Media Manager

This one is a little bit more known and competitive. Try to specialize. You want to either provide your services to a particular client in a particular Industry or specialize in one particular platform. So instead of being a general social media manager, maybe you are an Instagram Account Manager, Facebook Account Manager, YouTube Channel Manager. If you are specialized like this, then your client will be interested in paying you more money for your services because they see you more like an expert and expect you to get a better result because you know that particular platform inside and out.

Consulting Job

You spend half of your time sitting on your computer or phone and the other half of the time talking to clients. A consultant gives their clients advice on what their client should do. Unlike the Freelancer that does the job for the client, a consultant tells the client what they should do themselves. There are endless numbers of different types of consulting jobs out there because people want advice in all sorts of different things and businesses wants advice as well.

Two of the highest paying consulting you could potentially do includes:

1. Business Strategy / Management Consulting – consult with businesses and gives them advice on what kind of business advice they should make in order to grow their business also on how to better run their companies. This type of consulting will have background on cooperate management, on what works well and what doesn’t work well to grow a company.

2. Marketing Consultant – you could be a Facebook Ad Consultant, Sales Parnell Strategist, and Copywriting Strategist. All these are consulting that you advice the company on how to better market their products.

Course Creator

Instead of working with one client at a time, you are working with many. It involves creating educational courses that you sell to your customers. People buy online courses on all sorts of different topics. You will be surprise when you hear the type of topics people create topics about.

Two major categories include:

i. Continuing education – these are courses that help people invent their skills so they can advance in their career

ii. Marketing Courses – teach business owners how to better market their services and their products so they can make more money. This is popular because it has direct impact on those businesses and the business owners are very interested in purchasing these courses because they see it as an investment.


Basically it’s you acting as a middleman, selling a product to customers, and then another company actually produces and sends to the customer. This is in a category all on its own. Do this with a note of caution. This one has the highest potential risk, it also has a potential to earn your great living working from home.

Others jobs don’t require any initial investment necessarily and you still able to earn a great hourly wage. Dropshipping on the other hand is not only much more risky business, it also require initial investment to go into this if you can afford to lose it or having an upfront capital. You have to buy the product yourself and use it, you have to keep doing that over time to make sure that the quality is still good. The advantage is that you don’t have to store the product, and you get cut of the sale.

How to get these jobs……

You get these jobs by getting clients / customers; you are building your own business by doing any of these. All these jobs are what you could do, all on your own, working from home by yourself.

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