History Repeating Itself As Manchester United Always Suffered Their Heaviest Defeats In October

MUN 0-5 LIV: 3 Reasons Why Ole Gunnar Could Be Sacked Before The Tottenham Game History Repeating Itself As Manchester United Always Suffered Their Heaviest Defeats In October

Manchester United suffered one of their heaviest defeat on Sunday after they lose to Liverpool at Old Trafford. History has been repeating itself, as Manchester United’s heaviest defeats always take place in October.

Here are the 5 Manchester United heaviest defeats in the history of the club.

1. Against Newcastle in 1996

Manchester United suffered one of their heaviest in October 1996 as they were beaten away at Newcastle United. They lose the match to Newcastle by 5 goals to nil in October 1996.

2. Against Chelsea in 1999

Another Manchester United heaviest defeat happened against the London club Chelsea in October 1999. They suffered one of their heaviest in the club history against their great rival Chelsea in 1999 as Chelsea trash them with 5 goals.

3. Against Manchester City in 2011

Manchester United suffered their third-heaviest defeat after eleven years against Manchester City in 2011. They were beaten by the city rival Manchester City. The game ended with Manchester City scoring 6 goals, while Manchester United scored just 1 goal at Old Trafford in October 2011.

4. Against Tottenham Hotspur in October 2020

They suffered another heavy defeat in the history of the club in October 2020 against Tottenham Hotspur. Manchester United was the first to score in the match but later conceded more goals as Tottenham hammer them with 6 goals. The game ended 6-1 in favor of Tottenham at Old Trafford.

5. Against Liverpool in October 2021

Manchester United’s latest heaviest defeat happened last Sunday against Liverpool. They were beaten at home by Liverpool in the English Premier League. The Liverpool midfielder Naby Keita opened the scoring in the 5th minutes of the game before Diogo Jota scored another goal in the 12 minutes to make it 2 goals. Mohamed Salah scored a hat trick as they destroyed Manchester with 5 goals at Old Trafford.


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