How does ClickEny Program works? – ClickEny Review

Clickeny Review is yet another money making review we shall be discussing in this article today as Lot’s folks has been wandering with many questions on their minds like is Clickeny Legit?

How does ClickEny Program works? - ClickEny Review  Are they paying? How does Clickeny works, how much can you make from click Eny

How does ClickEny Program works? – ClickEny Review

Are they paying? How does Clickeny works, how much can you make from click Eny , if clickeny do pay who has got the clickeny Payment proofs and many other questions just to be sure this scheme is real before investing.

I was introduced to this Clickeny Money making program about month ago so i needed to give a try because am the kind who love trying even when things seem fake.

I don’t judge things before doing them instead i do them before judging them. Before i continue with this clickeny review, let me introduce you just in case you stumbled on this page without knowing how clickeny works.

Clickeny Review: What is Clickeny?

Clickeny review scam legit

Clickeny is an online program for both advertisers and Publishers. The advertisers who want clicks and impressions on their websites goes there and pay while the publishers who want to make money from Clickeny comes in and click on the Ads while they earn part of the money paid by the advertiser’.

In that case i will say Clickeny isn’t a good place for Advertisers but here we aren’t talking of that because we are publishers also known as the clickers who only want to earn from Clickeny program so let’s focus.

Automatically, You earn money from Clickeny by just clicking on Ads. the addition means to earn is referral, as the program also have referral platform to enable the clickers make money referring others.

How does Clickeny Works?

One sad news about Clickeny is that “it’s not for everyone because it’s not a free to join program” instead Clickeny is for investors who can put in money and earn daily doing nothing but just clicking on Ads.

You don’t earn money as a free member of Clickeny income scheme unless you upgrade your account to premium which is one time payment and you stand a chance to earn as long as the program exist.

First of all, you will have to upgrade to premium with $10 after which you will purchase the earning package you would want to work with.

There are three Major investment Plans to get started with Clickeny: Below are the Plans.

Clickeny investment Packages and their Reviews.

below are the three available investment plans you can purchase to get started with Clickeny after upgrading your account to premium with just $10.

  • Buy Basic Pack
    $20 for 100 Total Clicks and you get 10 Ads to click daily.The basic pack offers you 100 adverts to click within 10 days (10 adverts / day) which gives you an estimate $40
  • Buy Senior Pack
    $ 50 for 255 Total Clicks and you 17 clicks per dayThe senior pack offers you 255 adverts to click within 15 days (17 adverts / day) which gives an estimate of $100
  • Buy Professional Pack
    $ 100 for 500 Total Clicks and you will be given 25 ads to click daily.The professional pack offers you 500 adverts to click within 20 days (25 adverts / day) which gives an estimate of $200




Clickeny Registration Guide and Steps

Clickeny Registration seem very easy so that anyone can easily join and earn without hassle. Follow below steps to get your clickeny account registered.

Click on the Clickeny Registration Link and a new page will show up.


Fill in your details carefully and in the area of your referral name leave it as Kristom then referral position put Right.

After filling other necessary details, you can now proceed to click on the sign Up button.

The new page that will show up will require you to verify your email address: Request the verification code and confirm it. Now your account is ready.

How do i upgrade and Purchase Clickeny premium Package?

After Clickeny registration, The next thing is to fund your Wallet with about 10$ then you can now upgrade your account to premium.

After upgrading your account, the next thing is to Buy any of the plans you would want to start with, as for me i started with the lowest plan of 20$ and that’s what am rocking here and by Gods grace i will be upgrading to the highest plan of $100 soon since it has proven itself worthy to be trusted.

Having upgraded your account and After purchasing your clickeny package, you will now have access to every feature of the site because as a free member many features are hidden and until you upgrade you can’t find them.

How to make money from Clickeny Program

There are just two ways to earn from Clickeny which are : Referrals and Clicking on Ads.

as for the Ads click am sure you’ve seen how it works based on the clicking plan you choose to work with.

Then for referral program, you earn $5 for anyone who joined via your link and become a premium member and you also earn 0.05$ from the referrals of those whom your referred.

That means you not only earn from those you referred but when those you referred also invite others you will keep earning continuously based on the referral Tree.


Is Clickeny Scam or Legit?

I got my payment proof here so i can say Clickeny is not a scam instead they are legitimate.

It took less than 20munites after requesting Payment to see the email message and also get the funds alert In my PayPal account since i requested withdrawal via Paypal payment method because during last week and when they stared all these while they have been accepting PayPal but now the only Payment option is BTC (Bitcoin)

They no longer Pay with PayPal i got the notification this morning as shown below.

amazing Bonus

But you know the good News again? I also discovered that Clickeny Added another two Click Packages am sure you can see that from the notification shot. Elaborating the program for more earning chances.


In total they now have 5 click Packages instead of the usual 3 (three).

Clickeny Payment Proofs

Yes there should be many Clickeny Payment proofs out there since they do payout on time without defaulting.

Below is my payment received from Clickeny to my PayPal account that’s few days ago when PayPal payment method was still working


And for my Friend who used BTC. you can see the payment below



And for a Lady who decided to upload her Clickeny payment Proof on YouTube you can watch it here

What is Clickeny Minimum payout/Threshold?

Just like other earning programs have payment threshold so also is Clickeny.

You can only request Payment when your earning reach or Passes $30 which is very great. Automatically if you choose the lowest click Package you will be cashing out Every 10days

And their Payment dates are every Thursdays and Partially Fridays of the week. They usually Pay on every Thursdays but sometimes payment are rolled over to Fridays if you couldn’t get paid on Thursday after requesting payment.

Are you Looking for where to Click Ads and get paid weekly? then Clickeny is the best solution.

How often do Clickeny Payout its members? If that’s your question am sure you’ve got the answer above.

What is Clickeny Payment methods

Like i said earlier, they usually accept both Paypal and BTC before but now they disabled PayPal payout method to remain just BTC.

so you can only cashout with BTC as a clickeny member. perhaps in the future there may likely be other payment methods.

Overview of Clickeny Dashboard

This is what the right sidebar of premium members look like.


How do i get my Ads to click?

When you click on Click Package you will see the option to click on Ads. just click on it and you will see all your ads in a row.

click earn

As you can see i have already Clicked on my 10Ads for the day and am waiting for tomorrow Ads.

So it’s something very Easy which everyone can do and earn money online. You just click on Ads and go very simple.

Can you Help me Register Clickeny Account?

Yes if you wish I can help you register your Clickeny account, Upgrade it and purchase your desirable Plan for you while you pay the fee.

you can connect me with the contact Details on this site.

Don’t contact me to ask questions about Clickeny because i won’t respond just read this post again you will understand.

Wrapping Up: Clickeny Review: How does Clickeny Works?

With the above Clickeny review, i have been able to explaine how Clickeny program works, How to make money from Clickeny, Clickeny Payment proofs, Clickeny Payment Dates and payment methods, Clickeny Payment threshold and Lot’s more.

If you were having some doubt if Clickeny is the worth it, it’s time you start working with them because they are paying and their Payment is very fast and easy.

Is Clickeny Legit? Yes like you’ve seen above they are legit and they do pay on time. If you’ve been searching for legitimate online business for Clicking ads and getting paid weekly you need to consider Clickeny.

Did you find the above Clickeny review informative? Kindly share and Tweet this page on any social platform below and before you exit this page, remember to subscribe for more earning opportunities to come both free and paid. Feel free to ask your questions.


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