How Does RAGP Works – Recharge And Get Paid Review

Recharge And Get Paid also known as RAGP is the trending business opportunity here in Nigeria.

How Does RAGP Works Recharge And Get Paid Review  In our todays article i am going to share with you how this platform works and how to make money online

How Does RAGP Works Recharge And Get Paid Review

In our todays article i am going to share with you how this platform works and how to make money online on it, since there are numerous ways to make money on this platform.

Recharge and get paid offers one of the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria today. New members joining the program are called distributors and are placed in a 3×10 forced matrix that allows members to earn a residual income even when they stop working.

Before i proceed further with recharge and get paid review i want you to understand that you are not going to become a millionaire over night, recharge and get paid is not a money doubling game but if you build with us, you could start earning millions in in few months Recharge and get paid has changes peoples financial stories and giving them hopeSee enh, not all those who slay on facebook are jobless or lack ideas, there are lot of them making things happen without making noise ok no story, the image below explained little of this business, if you are ready to double your hustle, come and lets rock this one too.

How Does Recharge And Get Paid Works

Recharge And Get Paid or RAGP is a telecome company with a platform that uses Licensed VTU (Vitual Top Up) to recharge products of MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL Data Subscribtions as well as Cable TV Subscriptions

To cut the whole grammar short, Recharge and get paid is one among the best VTU business in Nigeria where you earn on every recharge you do. The business has two aspects, the VTU and the REFFERAL MARKETING aspect.

Recharge and Get Paid Has two aspects Distribution and Marketing

Distribution involves selling airtime, if you are a student in the tertiary institution you can capitalize this opportunity to be selling recharge cards in the hostels and make real money from it you see how easy and cool it looks right

Meanwhile Marketing involves introducing the company/business to prospects and signing them up

To make fortune out of this business, you have to fully embrace the two aspects

How To Make Money On Recharge And Get Paid

  • When you recharge/sell airtime, you get paid (2%)
  • If you buy/sell data, you get paid (10%)
  • When you refer you friends, babes and guys to join this platform you get paid (20%) with point values
  • If your referrals (the people who joined the platform under you) recharge or buy airtime you get paid (0.35%)
  • When you buy data, you get paid (4%) just like that, inst that awesome?
  • If your referrals (the people who joined the platform under you) refer people to join the platform, you get paid (10%) with point value
  • Once you register and become a member on RAGP you will receive a welcome bonus of (20%)
  • You will also receive a leadership bonus of N100,000 monthly if your PV is not less than ₦10,000
  • Qualification for an International tip fund of ₦500,000 when your cumulative PV is not less than ₦25,000
  • You will also qualify for a car fund of ₦2 million when your cumulative PV is not less than ₦60,000
  • Qualification for a house fund of ₦3 million when your cumulative PV is not less than ₦10,000
  • You will also qualify for a final house fund of ₦6 million when your cumulative PV is not less than ₦500,000
  • There is an opportunity to own your personal online shop from which you can distribute telecom products
Recharge and Get Paid
RAGP First Car Fund 2Million


Where Do I Get Recharge Cards To Sell On This Platform?

I know this is a question everybody will ask, how to sell recharge cards being a RAGP member, How do you get the cards?

As we all know, technology sells card, thats why it us called top-up. The card is not printable. All transactions takes place on your online account. you just need to have ewallet in your RAGP account. That is where you will be recharging or selling from

You should also note that you don’t need a laptop in order to do this business, your smart phone is more than enough, you just need to dedicate yourself to it and lastly be as smart as your smart phone lol…

Recharge And Get Paid Packages

Below are the packages available on RAGP and their respective benefits

  • Basic = ₦5,000 – You get ₦1000 bonus + 20PV. You earn up to 5th level deep.
  • Bronze = ₦10,000 – You get ₦2000 bonus + 40PV. You earn up to 6th level deep.
  • Silver = ₦20,000 – You get ₦4000 bonus + 80PV. You earn up to 7th level deep.
  • Gold = ₦30,000 – You get ₦6000 bonus + 120PV. You earn up to 8th level deep.
  • Diamond = ₦40,000 – You get ₦8000 bonus + 160PV. You earn up to 9th level deep.
  • Platinum = ₦50,000 – You get ₦10,000 bonus + 200PV. You earn up to 10th level deep.
  • Executive Platinum = ₦100,000 – You get ₦20,000 bonus + 400PV. You earn up to 10th level deep.
Recharge And Get Paid

Earnings From Referrals

For example, let’s say you referred 5 persons to RAGP and the 5 persons referred their own 5 each, and it goes on and on; see what you will be earning as a Basic Member (₦5,000).

1st Level – 5 persons (20%)
Total PV: 100PV
Earning =  5,000.00

2nd Level – 25 persons (10%)
Total PV: 500PV
Earning = ₦12,500.00

3rd Level – 125 persons (5%)
Total PV: 2,500PV
Earning = ₦31,250.00

4th Level – 625 persons (2.5%)
Total PV: 12,500PV
Earning = ₦78,125.00

5th Level – 3,125 persons (1.25%)
Total PV: 62,500PV
Earning = ₦195,312.50

6th Level – 15,625 persons (1%)
Total PV: 312,500PV
Earning = ₦781,250.00

7th Level – 78,125 persons (1%)
Total PV: 1,562,500PV
Earning = ₦3,906,250.00

8th Level – 390,625 persons (1%)
Total PV: 7,812,500PV
Earning = ₦19,531,250.00

9th Level – 1,953,125 prsn (1%)
Total PV: 39,062,500PV
Earning = ₦97,656,250.00

10th Level – 9,765,625 prsn (1%)
Total PV: 195,312,500PV
Earning = ₦488,281,250.00

PV simply means Point Value. Your total or cumulative points value is the summation of the PVs of all your downlines (direct and indirect).

You can also download recharge and get paid app from playstore

How To Register On Recharge And Get Paid

Before you register i want you to understand that one of the key factor in succeeding in anything you do is understanding the basic things you need to do to make it work

If you are convinced to join this telecom business that could change your life story click below

Recharge and get paid is business very simple and easy to do, it is very easy in the sense that you don’t need a shop or huge capital to begin, you can actually do this business with your smartphone


Is Recharge And Get Paid Legitimate?

RAGP is duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission CAC and licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission NCC we have partnership with MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL, DSTV, STARTIMES, GOTV and PHCN

Their mission is to create employment opportunities for youths and students

Office Address Located At Suit C16 & C17, Danziyal Plaza, Central Business District Abuja


Top Secret Why You Should Join Recharge And Get Paid

Did you know that in every ₦100 Airtime you buy data from banks Mobile App, the bank makes ₦5

Let me quick show you a jealousy guarded secret that banks have been hiding from us Nigerians

Our population is 200 million plus and do you know that 170 million phone lines are active? out of these lines about 70 million recharge everyday?

Now lets say that the 70 million Nigerians buy ₦100 Airtime daily, multiply ₦5 by 70 million.. the answer is ₦350 million.

This is what banks make at least a day when you multiply it with 30 days (one month) it gives
₦10.5 Billion

This is the major reason why all banks in Nigeria are selling Airtime, Data, Cable Tv Subscriptions, Electricity bill payments and other VTU based Transactions

Now you know the Secrets Inbox me on whatsapp below to Join RAGP

Summary Of Earning Opportunities

  • When You recharge you get paid
  • You buy data you get paid
  • When you subscribe Tv you get paid
  • You refer people and you also get paid
  • When your People (downline) recharge you also get paid Even when they buy data you still get paid
  • When they refer their friends you receive commission
  • Once you register and activate your account you will receive a welcome bonus and lots more..


Conclusion: Recharge And Get Paid

Successful people always take advantage of opportunities. Recharge and get paid gives average Nigerians like you and i an opportunity to share in the telecom wealth for those who choose to grab it Join recharge and get paid today and become a giver of testimonies


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