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How Lots Of Men Trapped Themselves Into Everlasting Poverty Because Of Marriage

I have something I would like to share to share with you guys. Its how a lots of men dive into marriage in order to meet up to societal dictate, for a selfish satisfaction or to succumb to pressure of family members.

This has gotten me reflective and I will make no exception in getting to the center of this issue.

Earlier yesterday when I was heading to Gwarimpa, I observed an untidy young man around Efab estate trekking by the express road.

I have make it one of my rules to always give such guys a ‘lift’, because I could remember a very long time ago when I was trekking with a female colleague in a very quiet road that is not always busy. Suddenly, a private car just stopped to give us a lift, but when I tried to enter when my female colleague has already entered, the owner of the car asked me to drop from his car and he drove off with an empty back seat.

This scenario has given me the sense of understanding of what men pass through just becomes somebody. But yesterday, I went to take my car from the mechanic and after about 4 hours when I was driving back home, I saw the same guy trekking towards my path again and he was sweating seriously, so I told him to hop into the car. We started chatting, and I asked him why he is trekking such a long distance. He replied that he went for job hunting that was not successful and he is heading back to Arab road.

But this is just a little of the guy’s tribulation. He had been living in dire poverty, as a matter of fact; the guy and his sister were given birth to in an uncompleted building. His sister got pregnant is that same building, and he lost both of his parents in the same building.

His sister got pregnant to an irresponsible guy and they begin what is called “Abuja marriage”. Unfortunately for the guy, the owner of the building decided to complete the building and he was sent out of the building.

The guy was able to locate another uncompleted building to stay, and as at this moment, he is with a wife and kids. This is a guy that could not afford N150 for transport to and fro, someone that did not even have food at home.

I gave him N10,000 but I was furiously mad with him, I was confused and unsettling that why would this guy thought of marriage in his present condition. Before considering marriage at all, why can’t you be more comfortable with yourself first, why drag these innocent children of yours to suffer with you.

Honestly, a lot of guys have made this same mistake thinking they will hit the jackpot as soon as they get married, and this is mostly perpetuated by religious charlatans that says; A man destiny is predicted on his future wife, that as soon as he gets married, the special blessings associated to marriage will begin to open closed doors for him.

That’s a dishonest gibberish that will leave you in a hazardous situation. Please guys, make sure you are comfortable before you reason anything marriage at all.

What’s your take on this? Feel free to drop your comments and questions in the comment box below

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