How to accumulate and earn up to ₦2000 – Remis app

How to accumulate and earn up to ₦2000 Remis app.   Remis is an app that is newly launched and just like other apps giving out tokens to users just to gain
How to accumulate and earn up to ₦2000 Remis app.

Remis is an app that is newly launched and just like other apps giving out tokens to users just to gain more popularity and users, the app is a mobile wallet just like chipper cash, where you can send and receive funds from anyone, but this app also provides some extra features which makes it kinda more useful.

Remis has some great features of which one of these is the ability to buy fuel using the funds in the wallet. Yes, you can buy fuel and any amount you wish to buy for that matter, the app let’s pay a fuel station directly from the app, without having to take paper currency along with you everywhere you’re going to, you can now easily pay via qr code or direct payment. Payment has definitely been made easier for you now.

I know most of you must have been wondering, do fuel stations in Nigeria accept e-payments? Well, you will be surprised to know that most of them do but not all, and that is Another great feature of this app. It let’s you find nearby stations around to purchase fuel. So that way you get to know the nearest fuel station around you without stress and this can even save you from times when you get stuck on a journey due to low fuel, you can easily locate any filling stations around you with this app and save more time.

Other features of the Remis app includes the payment of electricity bills online, subscription other services like your dstv online and many more, with this app, payments has been made easier and you don’t need to worry about going distance to pay your bills again, just get the app and be free.

Remis referrals bonus
Now, talking about the referral bonus of this app, it pays some fair amount just for you to invite other users, for referring anyone to the app, you get a bonus of ₦200 instantly and and the person you invited also get this too, but the great thing is, when whoever you invited funds their wallet with at least ₦50,you will receive another bonus of ₦100,for that and that is really good cause the you invite the bigger you earn. And for those that can’t refer, then this article is mainly for you as we have so proven method to accumulate as much as you can with this app, just follow the steps below carefully and share your testimonies later.

How to register
To register to this app and claim your free bonus follow this steps below.

First download the remis app from play store or follow this link below to download directly from Google play store.
Launch the app and click on sign up as seen below.Download Remis app
Fill in your details into this form provided to you as seen below, and use this Z7SN5 as you referral invite code to claim the ₦100 or N200.Download Remis app
An otp code will be sent to the phone number you provided while registering, input this code into the field as seen below.
Open the app log-in and fund your account with N50 to gain the N200 or N100 registration bonus .Download Remis app
Now your dashboard should be like this with the ₦200 or N100 bonus added to it, so to get your invite code, follow the next step.

Click on more on the bottom right corner of the app, select referral from the list of options provided.Download Remis app
Now your invite code will be displayed, you can choose to invite friends directly or tell them to download the app and use your invite code to earn the referral bonus.
How to accumulate more money
The accumulation method for this app is quite simple, for most people that follows our article often then you must already be familiar with this method, but if you are a new member then follow this carefully as we won’t answer any questions concerning the Remis app after this, so do accordingly to what you read below.

First thing to do is to sign up for the app, follow the steps above to do that.
Now download du multiple space app from play store or download with the link provided below.
Install the app and launch.
Now select the app and clone as much as you want.
After cloning, start creating a new account with each of them using your invite link.
And if you want to earn even more, fund each account with at least ₦50 and earn more bonus.
Now transfer the funds you earned into your main account.
Enjoy your free funds.

Download Remis app

Download Remis app directly from play store with the link provided below.DOWNLOAD REMIS APP

Download du multiple space from play store with the link provided below.DOWNLOAD DU MULTIPLE SPACE

Don’t forget to use Z7SN5 as you invite code.


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