How To Activate Mtn 24GB For N3500

How To Activate Mtn 24GB For N3500If you’re quite one that consume plenty of knowledge because of maybe you create use data for your job either to be online otherwise you only make use of plenty of knowledge daily in absent of free browsing cheat then this mtn affordable plan is for you which of them of them you will get mtn 24GB for just 3500 yea huge amount of data thereupon little amount of money right? We get to look into it.

Lately mtn as been offering there active subscribers with plenty of knowledge plan that are affordable which seems to be data4me that they supply their customers once they subscribe any plan and we’ve seen plenty of complain online that the bulk people complain about the mtn YouTube night bonus data that mtn grant there user’s seems we are in era of getting affordable data plan by mtn.
How To Get Mtn 24GB For 3500
As we said earlier it’s for people that consume and make use of data online and each day to day which may ’t stop surfing the online or get offline at any minute from the online which can entails to urge the mtn 24GB affordable data plan.

There is nothing hard in getting this data plan for yourself it just seems something little hidden about this plan which we are on the brink of reveal how you’ll catch on . Get the data plan by following the procedures below.
Just confirm just line is on the mtn pulse plan and you would like to be an active user to be able to be eligible for this data plan.

How To Activate Mtn 24GB For N3500

To get this done confirm you’re eligible for this plan before you go ahead and buy the airtime.
To check if you’re eligible for the mtn 24GB plan.
Dial the code *121# and choose the selection data offer which is informed of data4me.

And you’ll be listed with the affordable data plan which is obtainable for you provided by mtn.Mtn 9GB Data4me

You will find the selection for the 24GB is that the second option if you’re eligible for the plan. Mtn 24GB for N3500

This affordable data plan as just be spotted which we feel we should always always inform you guys on and therefore the way you will be eligible for such huge amount of data by following the steps below.

How To Be Eligible For The Mtn 24GB Data Plan

To be eligible for the plan you’ve to be an active mtn user.

You have to make mtn believe you consume plenty of knowledge or make use of plenty of knowledge casually.
That can be exhausted a situation whereby you purchase a 1.5GB data for N300 on the offer data plan.

And you create use of it for that they, once you create use of a minimum of 1GB data daily you will get to be eligible for this plan.
Once mtn sees the way you progress in buying data they go to extend the way that they are getting to render you with a huge amount of data offered which as you promote to subsequent data plan it’ll keep increasing the number of data you will get .

How To Check Mtn 24GB Data Balance

Dial the code *131*4# which is that the quality code to ascertain your balance and it’s also used to check your 24GB data plan.

Which will appear to you on a popup message and SMS with full data balance history plus bonus data.



This plan is no free browsing cheat or free browsing trick or tweak it’s just an inexpensive data plan with a huge amount of that which we propose you select if you’re doing or buy plenty of knowledge casually.


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