How To Detect FAKE Vs Original Honey In Nigeria! – See This 5 Simple Test

So today, I’ll be showing you how to identify and differentiate between the fake and original honey in 5 various ways

Hello guys!

So today, I’ll be showing you how to identify and differentiate between the fake and original honey in 5 various ways.

I am sure you are aware that a lot of the so called pure honey are not exactly real even the locally sourced ones.

most of the commercial brands often mix their honey with low-quality sugars to reduce production cost, and to make more profits, thereby reducing the beneficial properties and nutrition value of the honey for human consumption.

When we say a Honey is fake or adulterated, what do we mean?

It simply implies that some foreign mixtures like starch, glucose, sugar, syrup etc has been added to the honey other than the naturally gathered, processed and stored honey from the Bee combs.

while on the other hand, real honey is the pure one that come directly from the bees.

It’s not factory or man made at all.

One time I bought some bottles of honey on a trip from lagos to Abuja only to get home and realize that it was mixed with engine oil.

I felt really bad and made up my mind ever since to never get cheated or fooled in honey matters anymore…lol!

I am sure we all already know that honey has a lot of multiple benefits, which is majorly due to a large number of vitamins and minerals that it contains.

It helps to manage weight, strengthen the immune system, nourish the skin, boosts memory, relieve your cough and cold, helps in healing wounds, control blood sugars and a whole lot more.

But it can only give you that benefit if the honey is in pure form.

The purer the honey, the healthier it is since it does not contain any extra additives.

But how exactly can you know if your honey is pure or not?

Well, here are my 5 basic tips on how to identify a pure and unadulterated honey as per my awful experience and the mini test that I’ve carried out over the years.

1: THE LOOK TEST: the first thing to observe about real or fake honey is the way it looks. A real honey is often darker in colour; looks darker brown compared to the fake one.

2. THE FEEL TEST: Apart from how it looks, a real honey is thicker and not sticky at all. If you rub some on your palm or thumbs and press it, if it spills or spreads on your thumb immediately, then it’s not pure.

 A pure honey will stay intact. In fact, you can test further by placing a few drops of honey on a paper, a cloth or even on sand.

Because pure honey does not contain water, it will not absorb instantly or leave any wet stain on the surface.

3. TASTE TEST! Before you buy that next honey, taste it! Fake honey tastes extremely sweet but lacks the natural richness and flavours of the real honey.

Also, fake honey can never give you that “tingling” feel that the pure one can give just before swallowing behind your mouth.

There’s this burning sweet sensation you’ll feel immediately you taste it unlike the other one that feels like ordinary sugar water.

4. WATER TEST: I’m sure a lot of you are already familiar with this test because this is one of the simplest pure honey tests out there.

All you have to do is to get an empty glass, drop one or two tablespoon of the honey and add some water. Now, wait for some few seconds to check for reaction.

If your honey is pure, it will never dissolve easily. Instead, it will form a pattern and stick together at the bottom of the glass. On the hand, if it’s adulterated, it will instantly start dissolving in water

5. THE FLAME TEST: this is also one of the most popular method to check for authenticity. In this technique, take your honey and try to burn with a match sticks or better still, just dip the match stick in a bit of the honey and strike the stick against the box.

Fake honey will never light because it contains some moisture substance. But if it burns instantly, then be rest assured that you have the good one.

Lastly, keep your honey in the refrigerator and it would never freeze if it’s pure.

That’s my 5 simple test. I hope you can relate to it.

How do you test for honey at home? Let me know in the comment below.

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