How To Earn $10 daily (N4000) From Lodpress – Lodpress Review

How To Earn $10 daily (N4000) From Lodpress - Lodpress Review.   Here is another platform which seems similar to the opera hub which is called lodpress.
How To Earn $10 daily (N4000) From Lodpress – Lodpress Review.

Here is another platform which seems similar to the opera hub which is called lodpress. Lodpress all seems to pay for publishing articles on their platform. We are actually here for the review of this platform called lodpress review.

Actually people that join opera hubs early enjoy it most towards September October 2019 time when the platform is still fresh and they are not strict. By then there is the same opportunity which you can also get from them.

The platform is still fresh; most people don’t know about the platform yet. And the best part about lodpress is they have the same amazing features compared to how opera hubs pay their writers.

Here is another great employment opportunity for people that deal. With online biz.

Let’s go deap about lodpress now.


What Is Lodpress?
Lodpress is a platform that claims to pay any writer that gains achievement in publishing any article on their platform unlike opera hub. They make the payments method in some ways which you won’t feel cheated about the platform one the best part about lodpress is you can withdraw your earning at anytime you feel like and also their minimum payout is $5 which is one of the most and best amazing parts.


Opera hub pay their writers monthly and not even being of the month most people that join and have experience of such platform can relate to what I said lodpress seems to be different and they operate worldwide.

Means they accept the writer all the whole word lol you seem not to believe that right.

Registration process on lodpress is quite easy and straightforward which no any stressful part attached to the registration process let’s get to know you can you be a member of lodpress if you feels like.


How To Join Lodpress
To join or register on lodpress is easy as.
By clicking here you will be redirected to lodpress official page.
Them on the top right corner of the site.
Click on register and provide details to gain you access to the site.Lodpress register process
Details which involve your first and last name, username, password and email.Lodpress registration form
Then boom click on register and your registration as been done.
What else is to log-in to the site with your username and password.Lodpress log-in process
Then you will be provided with a page as show below.


From there you have become a valid member of lodpress now the best part is to know how you can operate on the platform to get paid and how you can get your article publish on the platform. And the best part how you can withdraw your earnings on lodpress.



How To Earn From Lodpress
You earn per article being published by you on the article and they pay per 1000 views per click on any of your article which some specific amount has been attached every 1000 click or views you get per article.


One of the best and amazing part about lodpress is that no limitation in publishing articles on lodpress you can post any article you want at anytime and you pay per click according to countries you get your clicks from.


Someone can also earn from lodpress through referral which you will get paid 20% of the earning from the person you referral to the platform and they pay you for such a task for real.

That’s just that about that.

How Lodpress Calculate Their Earning
As we said earlier they calculate earning per 1000 clicks or views you get on any article that was published on the platform.


Which United State 1000 view makes you earn 15$ and United kingdom 1000 view or click earns you 10$ and lastly united Arab Emirate 1000 clicks earn you $8.


Order countries except the once stated above 1000 views earn you $5 same process and same procedure.


That’s just how they calculate their earnings per any article you get published on the platform.



How To Withdraw On Lodpress
Withdrawal process on lodpress it’s quite easy and straightforward which you can withdraw your fund any time and their minimum payout varies the payment method you select or make selection on.

Lodpress withdrawal process

Most of the list minimum payout have experience on the. Platform is $10 which is attached to some online money pay out method but a minimum pay out or withdrawal amount of $5 is also available.



Payments Method Available On Lodpress
All online payout methods are available on lodpress which includes:

Stripe and
Opay mostly designed for Nigeria’s.Lodpress payment methods
Paytm which we failed to mention was because it’s the only payout or cashout method which is most minimum among others.

You can withdraw a minimum amount of $3 with paytm and minimum amount of $10 from the rest listed payout methods from the platform.



How To Get Your Referral Link From Lodpress
To get your referral link it’s very easy for those who love to. Invite members to the platform.

Once you’ve log-in to the platform you can get your referral link from the referral button available on your dashboard once you log-in.

Lodpress refferal link

The button can be found on the left side of your dashboard click on it and get your private link from there.

Then you can now stand a chance to earn 20% of everyone you invited to the platform simple as that.


How To Add Article On Lodpress ( Post Article)
The add article or the post article button can be found on the dashboard once you log-in to the platform.


Click on the button to add any article to the platform and get your article available for publication on the platform.

How to add article on lodpress

You should know that copying and pasting of content from another platform is not the right thing.


Once they discover your article is being plagiarized so sorry it will get rejected and that’s too bad.


Always make sure you write any article you want to add to the platform yourself to get 90% assurance of not being rejected.


You should look familiar with the page editor once you click on the add article on your lodpress dashboard.



Things To Note About Getting Your Article Publish On Lodpress
To get your article published on lodpress you should follow our tactics which we use to publish articles on Alitech blog.
Which most people should know we make some certain or we are used to some certain steps which we use to publish article on Alitech blog.
We will share some tips with you which will guide you through how you can be able to get your article published on lodpress platform without rejection.
One of the first most we don’t also recommend is by writing your article yourself with no copyright.
Always make your articles contain sub heading apart from the main heading.
Headings which entails H2 or H3 recommended.
Provide your article with internal or outbound links if possible, outbuilding links are always recommended.
Internal link means link gotten from the main platform why outbound link means another link from another website.
And lastly, always edit your article well so it should always look smart and suitable to read.
Once you follow the whole steps above 90% guarantee your article will be published on the platform for real.
Always make everything look real smart.

How much have you earned so far from lodpress?

Let us now view the comment section and share your testimony with us to encourage others about the platform.

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