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How To Earn $20000 Monthly Doing Nothing

How To Earn $20000 Monthly Doing Nothing.   Dropservice is a way to earn big doing nothing. Do not skip any line so as not to get confuse.How To Earn $20000 Monthly Doing Nothing.

Dropservice is a way to earn big doing nothing. Do not skip any line so as not to get confuse.

Dropservicing is the process of selling other people services because you are not the person doing the job.
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Dropservicing involves acting as a skillfull freelancer ,but you pay the real freelancers to the job.

In Dropservicing you don’t actually need any skill as you will be doing nothing but earning large.

What are you Dropservicing

You can dropservice any services,but you have to have good knowledge of what the services might entail.

This is to avoid getting confused,because some services may need extra expert conditions attached to it.

I will be giving you some begginers guide to start your own dropservice.

1. Have a good understanding of the services you are about to sell

2.Register or sign in on different freelancing networks: This will help you get regular customers and boost your earnings

3.Use a very cheap,skillful and real freelancer: Your freelancer is the person doing the job for you.So you have to make sure he or she is an expert.

4.Advertise the service: Try to reach out to the people that really need the service. In this case you will to think out of the box.

5. Start with a low price: A little amount of money should be added to the amount the service really cost. For example if the service cost $20 you can add $3-$5 for a start so as to get good reviews and comments ,it will boost your rank.

6. You can always ask for another package of the service from the freelancer if your customer is not satisfied. But if the freelancer is reluctant threaten him or her by telling them you will write a bad comment or review or also report them to the freelancer network.

7. Remember don’t just read take action,share,follow and comment.



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