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How To Earn 350k Monthly Without Capital For Investment

How To Earn 350k Monthly Without Capital For Investment.   This post was inspired by an old friend which I met recently. He was working as a web designer for a company
How To Earn 350k Monthly Without Capital For Investment.

This post was inspired by an old friend which I met recently. He was working as a web designer for a company but was paid a shitty salary per month and he wasn’t satisfied.

I bagan advising him about the things he can do online to make money but he began to complain that his laptop was as slow as a tortoise and he didn’t even have an Android phone.

He wanted to raise money to change his laptop and then buy a new phone that could help his work efficiently. I was tempted to give him the money but I hesitated because I have a policy for not lending money to people who don’t have the capacity to pay back.

Instead I decided to show a 3 step process that could help him make that 150k in a month by himself using his skill web design.

If you follow this 3 step process that I am about to reveal, you too will not just make 150k. Taking this very seriously can help you make over N1,500,000.

I am a testimony, no be ordinary mouth.

Step 1: Find A Problem Solving Skill.

You have to have a skill that is not only in demand, but also solves a problem or makes life better for people.

Business starts with first finding a problem that people have and then solving that problem with your product or service for money.

In his case, he already had a skill that he could start with, which is Web Designing.

If you don’t have a highly demanded skill, go on YouTube and give yourself just 1 week to learn a skill like…

Graphics Designing

Facebook Ads

Web Design


Social Media Management

This are high income skills that can fetch you over N50k per client. Sit down and learn them, stop giving excuses.

Now, that you have learned it, how can you make money? This leads me to the second step.

Step 2: Market Your Skill.

I told him to join at least 3 business facebook groups were his target audience gather in their thousands and then create series of videos teaching them how to design a WordPress website from scratch. He shot this videos totally free of charge, using free tools like facebook Live on facebook.

As he did this very informative videos on these 3 business groups, business people began to see him as an expert, an authority. A person they could trust to design their websites for them due to the nice websites he thought them how to create. Now, let me show you how he made money.

Step 3: Sell Your Skill.

The more he thought them, the more they began to see him as an expert, the more they began to rush to his inbox asking him about how much he charged for designing websites. He ran to me with so much excitement, smiling like a chicken buy yet confused about how much to charge for his web designing services.

I told him to charge N150k.He was like, bros you dey craze? I said I wasn’t….lol

Despite his reluctance he charged N150k and 3 people paid for him to design a website within 4 weeks. At the end, his cost price for designing each of the websites was about N90k-N100K. Guess what! He didn’t make that N150k.

He made N350k in net profits in just one month of following the exact steps I showed him. Gross payment was N450K. By the time he removed N1000k he was left with about N350k in profits.Within one month, my guy bought a powerful HP laptop and a bad and Samsung phone without stress.

Now, the question is, will you implement?. You see, money loves speed and it will only flow to the person that implements the knowledge that is being shared in this group. If you noticed, I never said you should look for N500K to start a business, there is literally no startup capital for this business. All you need is a skill, a phone, laptop, data and a brain, you are good to go.

Don’t be lazy about it, complaining about money, go and implement. If you do this I will be happy that I have a person I can use to brag about.

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I hope I’ve made sense with this actionable post?Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section.


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