How to earn £50 from yougov survey website

How to earn £50 from yougov survey website.   Making money online has been easy but the main part is how to get legit website that pays all their users
How to earn £50 from yougov survey website.

Making money online has been easy but the main part is how to get legit website that pays all their users without just wasting their time. There are lot of website that you can earn from but some are scam and while only few are legit.

That’s why Winnaijablog is here for people that want to earn at home without leaving there room in order to bring total number of legit website that really pays users without wasting of data and time.

We’ve been doing research to make our readers more comfortable, that’s where we came across UK website that really pays their users by doing survey (Giving answer to question asked from the site).

Yougov is the website based on UK that pay their users by just giving questions and collecting answers from them. Is that easy?

This website used points to pay users, it is the point that will convert to money. But you must reach certain points before you can withdraw, which is 5000 points.

There are also lots of website that you can earn from them by doing survey.

But before we dive into the full story, let’s quickly see the pros and cons of this site.

a. It is a legit website that truly pay their users
b. No much stress, just by giving answers to the questions asked
c. Refer to earn more points

a. Survey comes twice a week
b. The minimum withdrawal is £50 and 50 points only for completing the survey
c. The survey can take up to 5 minutes ( minimum).
4. It can takes up to a month before cashing out

This website is mostly for Singapore and UK people, but this is part of reason why we are here to show our fans how to earn from restricted site in Nigeria with ease.

As we all know that Nigeria have limits to some online earning website but with the help of VPN, we can gain full access to any restricted website.

Now let’s dive into the full story….


1) Data connection with strong network
2. Your browser
3. Windscribe VPN (Recommended)
4. Email address (Gmail account)

Once you’ve got all this ready, then let’s start the journey

How to register on yougov for survey earning
a. ON your data connection
b. Download windscribe VPN here
c. Connect your VPN, (windscribe requires their users to login before they can connect to any location)


Use this login for windscribe login?
USERNAME:- Sogbado9
PASSWORD:- bunderslig

d. After login Successful, choose UK and connect


e. Lauch your browser app

To truly know that you are connected to UK,

f. Go to for location confirmation


After you have confirmed that you are truly on UK, what next now is to generate name from fakenamegenerator.

g. Lauch your browser and go to fakenamegenerator to generate UK personal details,

See screenshot below ? to generate name from fakenamegenerator


I. Note down the details

sign in

j. Now the next step is to head straight? Yougov survey website for registration
k. Fill all the necessary details and tick ☑️ to accept Yougov terms and conditions


l. Then click on join with Email
m. Then you’ll be welcome, the next step is to verify your email address

n. After verifying your email address, you’ll be redirected to yougov dashboard where you have to give your personal details
o. Fill the form by using the details you generate from
sign up
p. After you have answers the questions, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard where 100 points will be rewarded to you as welcome bonus.
In order to earn more from yougov, you can start referring your friend and family using your invitation link. To copy your invite link,
q. Scroll down and click on refer and earn, 
then, copy your link and share it to friend and families so that you can earn more.
If you refer friends and they complete 6 survey each, you’ll be given extra 200 points on each person.
In order to receive more survey, complete your profile.
Always stick to your email inbox to check if there’s any available survey from yougov.
Now that we’ve complete everything and it is time to cash out, in order to cash out, as we know that our Nigeria bank won’t be useful to receive the payment because is international payment, you’ll need UK bank by opening or login to your payoneer account to copy your bank details.
How to register on payoneer?
1. Register for payoneer account here and fill all the necessary details
NOTE:- payoneer is a save website, I’ve been using it since last 5 years and I don’t have any issue with them, so during registration,  use your real details exactly as you open your Nigeria bank account.
 or if you already have the account, you can login.
2. Click on Global payment to copy your UK bank details
3. Now you can add the payment method to your yougov account.
Is there something we’ve missed or there is an area that doesn’t clear to you, feel free to ask any questions because that’s part of why we are here for you people. Happy earning.


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