How to Earn Money for People with the Following Assets

How to Earn Money for People with the Following Assets
How to Earn Money for People with the Following Assets.

Many of us are in such financial woes and often use unscrupulous tools to replenish our tidy homes. What if there were other things we could do legally to earn extra income?

let’s see what it really takes to earn money for people with the following assets

1. Rental Property: To earn an additional income of just N50,000 per month from a rental, you must have a rental property that earns you at least N600,000 rental annually. In Nigeria, properties that can bring you so much are worth at least N8.5 million.

2. Invest in fixed income security: I have talked several times about investing in treasury bills, bonds, etc. However, to earn N50,000 (N600k per year) in treasury bills each month, you need to invest an average of N6,000,000 per year (according to the current market).

3. Invest in shares: Investing in shares is also a very good way to earn extra income from each other. However, this carries many risks and requires financial skills. The stock market returned about 35% a year ago. Therefore, to earn N50,000 every month based on that return, you must invest at least N1.7 million every month and pray to earn all the time.

4. Lottery: If you regularly play the lottery and think you have the luck and the opportunity to win, you can probably win N50,000 every month, but we all know that it is not possible.

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