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How To Earn N2500 On Jiji app or jiji ng app

How To Earn Upto N2500 & More On Jiji app or jiji ng app
How To Earn N2500 On Jiji app or jiji ng app.

If you’re one among our telegram subscribers and you get to understand about this text as you’re reading it along from the heading then you ought to know where we are leading you to because, as of some weeks ago or past we’ve been discussing about this jiji ng rewards. That they are doing reward people by performing some task which we wish to allow you to skills to earn 2500 and more on jiji app for free of charge once you meet with the task.


Actually this is often something that the majority people realize before that’s if you recognize but if you don’t know now you ought to know that the jiji ng app reward people will a minimum of 100 free airtime which you’ll be opportune to urge more that if you would like which will cause you to earn up to N2500 or more through the jiji app by just performing some easy task.
About Jiji ng App
Seems we name two things and it’ll be better If we split it up but most of the people should know may be a website which is meant for people around Nigeria to sell and buy different sorts of products online and gadgets which are all listed on the location and being categorised.


Now the jiji ng app or jiji app is simply an mobile app that allow its users to travel straight to the platform with visiting any site view browser and obtain to shop for or sell his/her goods online using the platform that’s just design for online goods advertising platform for selling and buying of products strictly available in several type.
Not to talk much, not what we are here for.. What caused this text is that the app that seems to be listed on the app as inviting friends and earning 2500 which is what we are close to mention .


But before you’ll go further if you would like to partake of this offer and obtain yourself free 100 airtime before you’ll choose the 2500 reward offer then follow the procedures to register or join the jiji app.


How To Register and obtain Free N100 On Jiji ng app
Firstly Click here to download the app.
Once you’ve downloaded and installed the jiji app.
Open the app and register together with your email or Facebook account.
After you’ve got successfully registered, what else is to log-in.
Once you successfully login in what else is to verify your telephone number with the app.
Now slide to the app and click on on profile The profile button are often found below the proper corner of the app.
Once you’ve need to the profile, scroll down and click on on the settings.
On the settings page click the telephone number settings.How to earn on jiji ng
Then provide your telephone number there and verify it using the verification code sent to the telephone number you provide.
Now you’re good to travel , your jiji ng account are going to be created with a 100 registration bonus which will be present on the jiji app able to be redeemed.


Use below process to redeem your 100 and if you would like to urge more follow below process too.
How To Earn 2500 And More On Jiji App
Once you’ve registered and login to your jiji ng app.
Now slide to your profile page again.
On the profit page you’ll see a button tag with the name “invite friends Get N2500”Jiji ng invite bonus
Click on the button, then you’ll see the task to be listed on the page before you’ll get to earn the 2500 or more.
The task which entails you invite anybody to download and register on the jiji app you’ll get to earn you 100 free.
That once they perform the method using your invitation link.

Now copy your invitation link or invite link and share it together with your friends then stand an opportunity to earn yourself free 100 per person you invite to the platform and register completely using your link.


How To Withdraw Your Money From The Jiji ng App
Once you’ve read some state you’ll get to ascertain your money continue to grow on the jiji app but the sad news is that it’s can only be withdraw or redeem as airtime and it’s will undergo to the amount you verify with the jiji ng app once you are registering so it’s important to verify your number with the app.


Follow the method to withdraw from the jiji app.

Once you’ve opened the jiji ng app to withdraw, click on the profile again.
Now click on the invite friends to urge 2500 again.Jiji ng invite bonus
On the page you’ll find the button name redeem click thereon to withdraw.Withdraw on jiji app
Once you’ve clicked thereon once you’ll see the crop up message that your withdrawal has been processed.
Which your line are going to be credited with the quantity of cash as airtime on the road or telephone number you employ to register with 24hrs any day you click on the redeem button except Saturday-Sunday which seems to be holiday days.
How much have you ever earned thus far on the jiji ng app?
Let us know below and stay tuned with us for extra money making tips and guards on the way to access the web for free of charge .


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