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How to Earn N3000 daily Using Olist App

How to Earn N3000 daily Using Olist App.   Olist is a known recently for just having buying and selling of cars, renting Houses, seeking jobs
How to Earn N3000 daily Using Olist App.

Olist is a known recently for just having buying and selling of cars, renting Houses, seeking jobs, having competitions for winning cash by posting: viral updates, nice pictures; the most trending one would be then announced as the winner and consequently make his payment directly to his account and much more interesting things are in Olist.


But recently on 10, June 2020, the app has introduced the most interested feature that will attract more people to this App which is: Making money by just clicking some icons and inviting people, you can invite as much as people per day and earn more and the Registration for Olist is totally free, No minimum withdrawal as you can withdraw your cash when ever you wish (24/7). I will make a link below for you to follow in order to register for Olist.

The Registration is very simple just follow the below link, copy the invitation code then join, the invitation code is very important for you to earn the invitation bonus, so just copy the invitation code after following I wish you could know the site earlier! Browse free and win Free Cash! Extremely easy!

And then join, by downloading the app (Olist) from playstore, you will earn cash for that.

After downloading the app, here is it home screen;

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Tap on profile Icon to login then come back to home icon and tap on (win cash on the menu) then tap on INPUT NOW to past the invite code you’ve copied earlier and you be credited by the invite bonus and you are ready to withdraw.

Mind you that you are going to invite more people to gain more cash. every person you refer to the website you are going to be credited with invitation bonus

The payment method is Opay, if you don’t have an Opay account, here is the link to register


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