How to earn quick money from enjeo affiliate program – Enjeo Review

How to earn quick money from enjeo affiliate program.   Internet has recently been on fire since the day Enjeo Affiliate Program started
How to earn quick money from enjeo affiliate program.

Internet has recently been on fire since the day Enjeo Affiliate Program started offering $21 per registeration or sign-up and this has been trending greatly that almost everyone has joined the program but the.
Late Adopters” which are undoubtedly dubbed the “Doubting” are waiting for more proofs and evidence before they can join.
Awesomely, you are at the right place to learn about the program and how to cashout your earnings from it.



But is Enjeo affiliate program a scam?

Is Enjeo legit or a scam? That’s what we are about to reveal in this article. Basically, Enjeo Affiliate Program is not a scam but there are little mistakes you should avoid, make sure you always stay updated to their policy changes to avoid story that touches the heart.
Bookmark this webpage on your browser because I will keep updating the page as their policy keeps changing.

What Is Enjeo Affiliate Program All About?

Is a lucrative affiliate program that promised to pay $10 for each new active affiliate or customer you bring to their program.
But this is for a limited time, as from November 7th, they will start paying $5 per user you bring to the system.
Only those who reside in the US and are 18 years above are required to join the Enjeo Affiliate Program. But don’t worry, you can join their program as a Nigerian.

How Can A Company Pay Huge Referrer Money, What Is Enjeo Selling Exactly?

If you check the company’s homepage, the information is not revealed. Enjeo sells Digital Products which include subscription provided by third-party websites, such as:,,,,, and even more.
All of them belong to Norscore Inc group and I think they are owned by Enjeo because they use same language to write their Terms And Conditions.
At least, Enjeo has what is selling which prove it’s legit because a company cannot just start offering $21 per sign-up without making money to cover up the cost. But the problem is that the digital products offered by the third parties are with bad reputation.
At least everyone trust and know PayPal but these companies Enjeo is redirecting us to insert our bank information is a bit risky but however, there is an option to remove your bank details.
Definitely, Enjeo basically relies on affiliate program and selling of subscriptions. People now make more money from affiliate program integrated on the website which literally shows Enjeo is practicing something like Pyramid Scheme where they use digital products as disguise of their real nature. Moreover, since they are paying their customers, we have no problem for now.


  1. 2 eMail addresses (from Gmail)
  2. Payoneer Account (To receive payment and for withdrawing to your Nigeria local bank)
  3. Enjeo Account.
  4. $1 (365 naira) to buy Enjeo subscription plan before your $21 sign-up bonus can be credited to your account.

How Can I Sign-up On Enjeo Affiliate Program?

Now, that you have a working and approved Payoneer account, you can then register on Enjeo affiliate program and make money. Isn’t that simple? Sure, it should.


STEP 1: Now, go to website and tap on REGISTER button.
STEP 2: On the next page, you are required to fill the form as a US resident (as someone living in US).

sign up
Basic Information (Example)
  • Company: Leave it blank
  • First name: Abdul
  • Last name: Azeez
  • Email:
  • Password: hayzweb145
  • Street Address: 2282 Oak Street:
  • City: Old Forge
  • State: New York
  • Zip code: 13420
  • Phone number: Enter 3 digits of your fake US number on each three boxes.
Where Should We Pay You?
  • Name On Account: Abdul Azeez (Same Name you used in registering your Payoneer account)
  • Routing Number and Account number: 675483902 (Go to your Payoneer account, tap on “Global Payment Service”. See screenshot below ?
  • tap on “USD” Account option
  •  and copy your ROUTING NUMBER and your ACCOUNT NUMBER.
Note: You are to use your Payoneer account details because that’s where they will send or deposit the money.
Now, read their policy and tap on START EARNING button to successfully open your ENJEO Account.



You are to make a payment of $1 (365 naira only) with a MasterCard, VISA or other credit card you have but they don’t accept VERVE.
STEP 1: Tap on ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE MINI PLAN (the link is provided there).

STEP 2: Once you click on it, you will be redirected to another website, where you will fill your bank details to make the payment. On that new site:
STEP 3: Enter first name, second name, USE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS and enter your new York ZIP code you previously used in registering an Edjeo Account.

STEP 4: After that, another page, will require you to make the payment, kindly enter:



  • Name on the card: Precious Azeez
  • Card type: MasterCard, VISA
  • Card number: 62782828292999 ( is on the number at front of your ATM card.
  • Expiration date: Enter the expiration date of your ATM
  • CVV code: Look at the back of the ATM card and you will see the code.
STEP 5: Finally, submit to make the payment and $1 will be charged your card.
Kindly, bookmark or save that page as offline page on your browser because that’s the site you will login and cancel your subscription to avoid continuous charges or Auto-renewal from that card. After you have received your sign-up bonus, make sure you cancel subscription before it completes 7.
STEP 6: Now open another tab and go to Website and login your account, tap on AFFILIATE and within some hours, you will be credited with $21 instantly.
You have to wait for some days for it to transfer to your Payoneer account; that’s where you will be able to withdraw it to your preferred Nigeria bank account.

How Can I Refer People To Enjeo?

Log in to Enjeo and tap on “AFFILIATE” and copy your personal referral link. Anybody you refer will give you $10 commission rate.
Isn’t that awesome? Yea, it should.

How Can I Withdraw The Money From My Payoneer Account?

To withdraw from Payoneer, login and tap on “WITHDRAW” button and enter your bank details and you will be charged for the transaction. Charges varies depending on countries. You can check Payoneer fee page for more information.
Another way to withdraw, is to order the Payoneer debit card and they will ship it to any nearest post office in your area for collection. It cost $30 to order a card. Or, you can simply  sell the fund to buyers.
You know what, when you refer many people to Enjeo and you have received your sign-up fee, to withdraw will be very easy and the charges won’t affect your earnings.
Do you have any other questions, kindly ask in the comment section below for instant solution. Thanks.The Next Article will be:- How to deactivate your card details from it so that they won’t be able to to deduct your money.

Stay tuned for update.


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