How to earn real good cash from Adwallet

How to earn real cash from Adwallet.   Last 3 weeks ago, I wrote about how to earn money from yougov survey but seems there earning system
How to earn real cash from Adwallet.

Last 3 weeks ago, I wrote about how to earn money from yougov survey but seems there earning system is a bit slow.

As promise to all my fans, i’ve did research on how to earn quick with referring only. In this article, we won’t take much of our time. So lets get down to business.

Adwallet is a site that offer their users to earn money by watching videos and referring people to there system.

You’ll get ($1) on each person you refer and you must reach $10 before withdrawal, so which means with 10 people’s only, you’ll be able to earn 10$ and redeem your fund.

How legit is Adwallet?
They’re 99% legit, which means you can earn on the go without scamming

How much did I need to pay in other to get started?
No, Adwallet is free to join

How many days will it take to see my payment?
Once you’ve referred up to 10 people’s and you have requested for your money, you’ll see your payment within 24 to 48 hours.

How much are they paying per referral?
You’ll get 1$ on each person you refer to the system.

What’s there payment threshold?
You must refer 10 people’s before you’ll be able to redeem your fund.

What’s there payment method?
Adwallet offer different kinds of payment method, which are:- Payoneer, PayPal, gift card and others.

Payment proof screenshot ?

To earn from Adwallet, you must be from USA, which means they didn’t allow other people from another country except USA only, but don’t panic, that’s why we are here for you.

In other to bypass this shit, we must need some requirements.
So what are the requirements?
a. USA number
b. Email address
c. Windscribe VPN (recommended)
d. USA details (name, address and postal code)

Now that you’ve get your requirement ready, the next thing is to get started so that you too can taste online money if you haven’t did before.

How to get started?
STEP 1_ Connecting to VPN
a. Download windscribe VPN here

For those people finding it difficult to open groove IP app, we’ve found solution to that, it is VPN troubleshoot, if you want to open the app to get USA number, you must use strong VPN.
a. Use this VPN ? Download it here
b. Login/sign up on the VPN
c. Choose USA as your country and connect
d. After connected Successfully, the next thing is to get USA number and other details.

Note: Don’t disconnect your VPN, keep it active to USA country

STEP 2_ Getting USA number
There are many apps to get USA number using Text plus, TextNow, Textme, groove IP and others.

But we’ll be using groove IP here….
a. Use this link to download Groove IP apk
b. Install and Launch
c. Click on Get started and click agree to accept there “terms and conditions“
d. Add your email and password and click sign up

e. Verify your account by answering the security question and click validate

f. Then it will ask for area code, Tick “No preference” to skip and click “Show Number”

g. Then choose your number and continue

h. Then you’ll be redirected to the dashboard, copy your number or write it down

Note: Always connect your VPN whenever you want to login to your Grove IP account

Once you’ve get USA number, the last thing we need is name and address. To get your USA fake name and address,
I. Go to and generate USA fake details including: name, address and postal code

j. Copy or note the details down

Now that we’ve got USA number and fake details, the next thing is to register.

STEP 3_ Get ready to earn

Note: make sure you Connect your VPN before taking off

a. Register using this link in other to receive welcome bonus

Note: use the above link to register in order to receive your welcome bonus, if not, you won’t be given welcome bonus

b. On registration page, add your name, address and other details that you copied earlier
c. Follow other steps (is easy to setup)

Note: Sorry for not adding screenshot, am having issue with my phone, so that’s why I don’t provide screenshot.

d. After you have registered successfully, then you’ll be welcome to your dashboard. In other to let your welcome bonus reflect, you’ll see “Watch video” link on dashboard, click it to watch the 15 seconds video, then you’ll be given $1.50 dollar as welcome bonus.

In other to start earning, copy your referral link and start referring your friends and family. To copy your referral link is not straight forward on Adwallet system, so I’ll show you how to do that.

How to copy your Adwallet referral link
a. Login to your account
b. You’ll see some list at the bottom, click “Referral”
c. Then, you’ll choose how you want to refer (either Email or Text)
d. Choose email as shown below ?

e. Then you’ll be redirected to where you’ll get your link, then copy the link. See screenshot below ? in other to avoid mistake

f. After copying your link, then start sharing and watch your account growing.

Now after all this and you’ve reached the threshold which is $10, then the next thing is to withdraw your earning.

How to redeem your money?

Note: you must reach $10 before you’ll be able to withdraw your money and you must have PayPal or payoneer account before you can withdraw.

If you don’t have PayPal account and you need one, check here on how to create PayPal account or check here to create a new payoneer account

a. At the bottom, click redeem
b. Then choose your payment method ( either PayPal or payoneer)
c. Then follow other steps and withdraw your fund.

If you are using PayPal to withdraw your funds, just add your email address and follow other steps.

But if it’s payoneer, you need your details, to copy your payoneer USA account number details,
a. Login to your payoneer account
b. Choose USA and copy your details

c. Then add the details to your Adwallet account and Follow other steps.

There are some websites to earn from, I’ll be updating from any time to time, just make sure you subscribe for this site notification and relax

Is this article helpful? Did you have any area that you’ve got lost? Kindly let’s know your thoughts.


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