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How to earn thousands of naira straight to your bank From jumia

How to earn thousands of naira straight to your bank From jumia.   Hi everyone, you can now earn lot of free airtime without doing stressful work
How to earn thousands of naira straight to your bank From jumia.

Hi everyone, you can now earn lot of free airtime without doing stressful work, just by referring people to the app, you’ll earn #1000 per referral through one legit app, the app name is jumia one.

Jumia one is an app that promise their users #1000 for referring just one person to the app.

The more you refer, the more you earn…!
The reward they’re giving is #1000 airtime, but at the end you’ll learn how to convert it to cash. Just continue reading this article.
Not to waste much of our time, let’s get down to business


After clicking the link, it will redirects you where you will download the app which is PLAYSTORE, (don’t scare, the app size is 10 mb)
2) After downloaded, open the app
3) Register using your valid email with strong password

4) After that, now head back to home or it will redirect by itself
In other to activate your account and start earning, you’ll need to purchase #50 airtime through the app using your ATM card

NOTE: The person you refer must purchase #50 or #100 airtime using his/her card, if not… You won’t be given anything

5) Click on airtime to purchase  it, see the picture below


6) After clicking on it, it will ask you to choose your network


7) After choosing your network, you’ll be asked to add your phone number and choose the amount you want to purchase (which is #50 or #100)


8) You’ll see this question ( DO YOU HAVE VOUCHER CODE) in the left hand side, click it and insert this code ? WELCOME20


you’ll be given #20 cash back on #100 card you purchased if you use the voucher code


9) Then click “Proceed to pay button
10) You’ll be redirected to where you’ll add your card details, choose the type of card you are using and add your card details


NOTE: Don’t panic about your card details, everything are safe since we are dealing with trusted site. And beside, no one can wire your money without OTP (One time password), just relax because everything is safe.

People that cash out last year can testify to it including me because I’ve earned 7k from them and I’ll still earned more than that this year. Can you see this is sweet.


How to add your card details
I’ve noticed that not all people know how to use their card to purchase something online, In other to purchase… This is how to
do it

1) They will ask for your card number which is 16 digits ( the number is the one at the front), see image below


2) You’ll be asked to add your card expiry date too, see image below

atm card

3) Then they will ask for your CVC which is the 3 digits at the back of the card


4) After you are done with that, cross check the details to see if it’s correct in other to avoid getting errors
5) After that, click on “PAY NOW” button to purchase the airtime.

BOOM!!! you have now purchase the airtime successfully and you too can start making money from it.


How to earn by referring people
1) Copy your referral link from the dashboard
2) Then start sharing with friends and family, whenever anybody you refer click on the link and use it to download the app, register and they also purchased airtime successfully using their card, you’ll be given #1000 instantly.
3) If the reward didn’t reflect instantly, wait for some minutes because network might cause it sometime.
4) Once you’ve earned enough and it’s time to cash out, you’ll need to buy airtime.
5) As I said earlier that they’re giving airtime, then don’t panic you can convert to naira by using this method.

How to convert the airtime to naira
1) Let’s assume you earned 5k, purchase the airtime on your Sim card with that amount
2) After you have purchased airtime, then read this article on how to convert airtime to cash
3) You can also be selling the card for people that needs airtime, (that’s another business for you).

Before I round off, if you have registered before but you not use your card to purchase airtime, then try this method for you to earn

If you haven’t use your card to buy airtime from it before, this is what you will do
1. Uninstall the app
2. Use this link to download fresh app,
3. Use another email to register (don’t use the email you have used before)
4. Register and purchase airtime using your ATM card (Do not panic, all your details are safe… People that cash out last year can testify to it)

Boom… You’ve done it once you purchase the airtime
So that’s it, I hope you guys enjoy this, more trick and free browsing will be posted soon, enjoy.

Feel free to ask any question on what you don’t understand in comment section box, and I will answer instantly after seeing the message or Join our Telegram group for quick response. Thanks for reading….


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